Hilarious Caption Contest!

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Hi Islanders,

We have some exciting news! Our next Facebook Contest has already started! Check out our Facebook page for more details. A hefty reward will be given to the top 3 winners of the contest!


1st Winner -->  15 swords
2nd Winner --> 10 swords
3rd Winner -->  5 swords


1) One entry per user and only the first Caption posted by an User will be considered - Please refrain from posting multiple captions
2) Offensive, Racist content in the caption not allowed. Entries with such contents will be disqualified
3) Participants will need to reply back via “Comment” to the Contest Post on Shipwrecked FaceBook Page with your Hilarious and Catchy Caption
4) The Best Hilarious Caption will be judged by Kiwi Admin Panel and rewarded

Rush now to our Facebook page and post your caption to win Swords!!

Click here --> Shipwrecked Facebook

The Facebook Hilarious Caption Contest has ended. Once the Winners are chosen, will update them here as well.
About time too hope' we get to see all that entered
Congrats to our Winners! Stay tuned for our next contest.

NOTE: The Winners - please email at support-sw@kiwiup.com for your rewards.

Do we get to see what the captions are?
Omg this just made my day! I can't believe I won something!!! 
Hey alright smoothbby! Congrats! To lisa, the captions r on the fb page... 
Congrats Misshiyu Jennifer !🎳 😄 😊 😂 😆 😉 
I hope you'll get a awesome reward!
As 100 swords and 100 gold, for  instance...?!??
(My reward some Werks ago was 15 swords...)

Congrats to smoothbaby, too!
dont know your aka..       😆
from Beeflower
Beeflower, my ID is Smoothbaby17... My real name is Tiffany Fite. So I got 3rd place. :-p

Jennifer, thank you and Congrats to you too!!! I'm with you on the never winning anything thing... So I'll take my 5 swords and smile ear to ear.  LOL.
Thanx Beeflower/sylvia, I got 10 swords! Pretty cool!!! I never win these things... I'll take it lol
Thankx bee. I got 10 swords... so excited.. 
Congratulations to all Winners!!

Stay tuned for our upcoming Contests which will be here, in Kiwi Forums! I'll update more details very soon. 
Hi guys, im new on here just wanted to say hi and congratulations to you both! 😊 
Hello Blair! Thank you! And Congratulations to you too!!! I haven't checked yet, but did you post your kiwi ID in the Meet Your Neighbor post? If you don't have many neighbors, have ones that don't send gifts, or have ones that just aren't active anymore, you can find some from there! If you have, great! I think I still have a couple spots to clear from inactive neighbors, so just shoot me a neighbor invite and I'll get you added! 

Congratulations to all who won, and I can't wait to see the idea.  :)
Nice to meet you guys! I dont have many slots but hoping to get more soon. Would love to have you all as neighbors! Great to meet such nice people! Thanks!

I guess I am late for this campaign. Tried clicking on the FB page and found that details are not included. I hope you will keep us updated more about the upcoming contests to give a title. I love trying such funny things. I will bookmark your page and be looking for more Merito drug rehab details. 

The caption contest has ended. We will notify all the player once we start a new contest in future!

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