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Reset/transfer games

tigger4u 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by December Leigh 3 years ago 32
I had a problem with my device Saturday and lost progress on westbound, brightwood, shipwrecked and monsterama planet. I sent emails through all 4 games to have them reset. Shipwrecked and westbound were reset but still waiting on the others, 3 days later! I've been having a lot of problems with my tc ratings never showing up right so I got an early Xmas present..a new kindle fire hdx! So now I'm waiting to have shipwrecked and westbound transferred. I'm worried kiwi will screw around with my shipwrecked game right around challenge time, I've already lost my daily reward progress on the other games and probably have a few expired quests by now. I've already been dealing with them for 18 weeks about the team rating problem (see post my kindle and kiwi) so how long does it take to reset 2 games and transfer 4 of them??? I'm already frustrated with customer service and just want to play my games!
Wait..why is my post marked as answered?? You didn't answer anything that had to do with post, you answered somebody else's remarks on my post but nothing for my issue. Things like this is why players get so pissed at you Kiwi! I'm going to keep posting about the 12 day wait for my game to be reset to level 60+ and transferred to my new device until it's done. It's not fair that we are getting put on the back burner..fix people's requests in the order they come in, not pick and choose. And I say that because, all on the same exact day, I requested all 4 of my Kiwi games to be reset, Shipwrecked and Westbound were reset and transferred overnight, still waiting onBrightwood and don't really care about Monsterama Planet. So it seems things aren't done in the order you receive them or my BA game would have been reset and transferred..right??
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I am waiting a transfer from my acer tab to ipad air kiwi very good at making promises but not good at for filling them been over 2   week now and still getting the run  a round see pic
Oh suger put the wrong ones in will do post tomorrow
Wow that sucks, I was just going to give praise about how efficient and quickly my data was transferred to my be tablet of course it was going to state that that was the only thing they were efficient at, but forget that one, I'm sorry sweetie I hope they get to it.  Maybe they just don't like ipads or Apple?  If it were me I would think they just didn't like me because I'm always posting bad things which are true.  Go to the corporate web page and email corporate at hello@kiwi out something like that.  That's what I did twice, of course I got no response but things started changing.
 Hi kb Think you got it in one and i don't mean a dislike for apple as i have seen advertising saying get SW on ipad then when you go out and spend a small fortune buying it with massive memory so you don't get the problems most of us are getting now they don't want to do the transfer the pic i ment to put in are the ones saying on information yes we can tranfer does not say anything about only from Android to Android or unless we don't like your face there telling me can only transfer my resource wall sorry but a lot of my money as gone into my island in two years now they want me to start again don't think so kiwi 
You gotta be kidding me that is crap.  I would be pissed to.  Email corporate I will get the email address for you.  Your island is way to huge for that and you have worked way to hard.
Thanks kb if you will please was thinking by now my only problem would be getting it all out of storage and placing it all witch would not be a problem really but this just stinks if not sorted they will not like me at all haha not that they did before the saying honesty pay off dose not apply to this game 
This is the email address that send to but never get a reply
  • hello@kiwiup.com
The website is 
There isn't much on there but that is where I have sent two e-mail.

To get back to my post..this is a transfer from kindle to kindle, not anything difficult you would think!! They did finally transfer my shipwrecked game but they didn't even email me and tell me!!!! I found out because both devices were back to level 1 so cleared data on my new device and there it was. Now if they could transfer westbound (which I could care less about, it's getting really boring). What I really want is my brightwood game reset and then transferred so I can play it..I guess I will keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow! 
Sorry Tigg I didn't know it was your post.  Didn't mean to hijack either.  Try the email address in my response and keep your fingers crossed.  Hopefully it will work.
Hi tfu soz to high jack your post and believe me i do know wear you are coming from hope things get sorted out for you soon and if not maybe KB email addresses might help and thank again KB 
Lol..u didn't hijack! I just wanted to make sure the original post didn't get lost in the shuffle, know what I mean? Sometimes the posts can get off the subject as more and more people reply. I always like when somebody replies no matter what because they may give you info you didn't know anything about! No harm..no foul! Thanks!
Hi all, 

Firstly, sorry for any delay in response. Rhodia purely due to high volume of emails we've been receiving lately. Rest assured our Support agent "Anna" is on the top to respond to all your emails at the earliest. Kindly request you all to be little patient:)
You know you would not receive such a high volume of emails if you would stop lying to us and fix the invite and the team challenge.
Hi for some reason my shipwrecked game freezes only when we are in team challenge.it does fine any other time.have reinstalled done all that was suggested its not working.PLEASE HELP.this is not fair
Hi ad i keep asking for players with this kind of problem to please give your level as it give anybody trying to help a better picture but it sounds like a storage problem need to delete as much unused stuff as pos like emails text apps and so on but this is only a short term fix hope this help 
Thank you magnat I will give it a shot
My problems logging on are always the worst on tcs.  I have cleared cache, cookies,  emails and even uninstalled rarely used apps. Also on Tc's, my phone uses more battery power and gets hot. Why does this mainly happen on tcs and not the remainder of the week? I can no longer visit most of my neighbors even though I have deleted more than 1/2 of them.  It ticks me since I paid 5 gold each to have more neighbors. 
Yes ld i know it's a pain and like i said ad deleting a small amount of storeage is only a short term fix that's why it helps to know your level's the main problem is the amount of building's trees décor and so on within your island as the game takes up a massive amount of storage so any thing you buy you need to not just look at cost but also at storage i know from the comments you put in early on you are looking to transfer your game from your mob to tablet i would be extremely surprised if you had a problem with that but do remember just because the screen is larger it doesn't mean the storage is so say the mod you now use is 16gb then you need to up your storage to 32gb or you will just be transferring the problem now back to the present problem if you have deleted as much as you can off game and still having this then need to start in game looking at all your decor then taking a look in the market you will see that walls paths some of the flowers all give you a small amount of courage then take a look further down the gourage goes up the further you go so need to sell of low courage and replace with high courage most use stone heads but for player's with loads of room there are better priced decor that can be used now to way you cannot visit your nighbors you need to remember you are having problems with storing your own island now you are trying to download somebodys island that maybe twice the size of yours impossible i know you my not want to go down this rd but if you want to keep playing the game you only have the two options enlarge your storage or shrink you're decor hope this helps 
Yes Sorry 🙏 forgot to add your ramidon to get memory is the place used for storing lots of things that take up massive storage like games utube emails face book in fact anything that you need to access fast so its the ram 🐏 that. Is giving you problems 
Hi M, thanks for your explanation it does help.
Please transfer  my shipwreck to this device 
So we recently moved to a new town (from Abilene, Texas to Clyde, Texas) cell phone service for Verizon is non-existent here. We decided to get new cell phones with ATT which works great in this area, I used to have the Samsung Galaxy Note II and now have the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pretty cool cell phone.  I am level 132 on Shipwrecked logged in with my Google account and downloaded Shipwrecked I am now level 1.....  :*( wtfawk  I am so sad after spending hundreds of dollars on this game and all the poopie I have heard from kiwi I am quitting the game. $40.00 more dollars down the drain for my last 2 purchases of swords and gold which I never got to use. Cries cries cries 
Maharet, if you are still level 1 when you go back in, email Kiwi from inside the game. Give them as much detail as you can  about your old device. Samsung to Samsung should be an easy transfer for them. 
Can u help transfer my game with its progress. To my new cell..please
Hi Andria..you need to contact KIWI from within your game because it gives your device info to them. Plus they will need your old device info. This info will appear once you start an email from inside your game. Hope that helps!
Please email our Support team for any queries related to account transfer from one device to another.
I want to restart my game. From level 1. I tried re-installing and also going in to app setting (on phone) clear data, didn't work. Can I restart the game
Hi. Sb need to contact addmin 
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Yes, you will need to contact Support team for this. Sorry about the post status, will change it now.

I just lost my game at Level 70 +, Galaxy Samsung 4 tab, I logged in again & re installed. Please help me get my game back, I lost 56 swords & another 150 just used that took me forever to get. My Westbound was erased & I started over, but I can't handle this.