team challenge problems

HawkEyedDove 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Magnat 3 years ago 6
I am having a couple of troubles with team challenges:

1.  I can't see any of my old team members and I can't form a new team.  No options to join a team are available.  I skipped the last challenge thinking there must have been a glitch (and not having an account in the forums), but it's not changing.

2.  I thought I'd play solo, but I'm supposed to get stones from the palace but can't buy a palace. I can buy an estate, but no use for guppies.  So no score.  

Am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch?
TC is over now.It starts on Saturday at 11 and ends Monday at 11.Sometimes u can start buying TC buildings on Friday.U just need to keep checking cause it depends on what the challenge is that week.
Hi hyd think you better get on to kiwi sounds like more than just you being late 
Well, that would expkain today but it certainly doesn't explain the past three days.  But thanks.
Hello Hawk,

You'll need to ensure to start forming your Team during the Team Formation period. Also, you need more than one player to take part in the Team Challenge.
I will try again, but I haven't seen the team formation option since the last mandatory upgrade.  But I will try.
Hi hark put out a post looking for neighbors giving details like now often you play what level you are and so on it all helps that way you can take a look to see who you want to invite but if old team not responding you have to move on