game freezes when visiting neighbors

Karen Bierman 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Lorretta Green 3 years ago 44
When I go to visit my neighbors islands I can visit ruby but then I go to my next neighbors and my game freezes.   It starts with blue2013 and if I want to visit my other neighbors I have to click on them individually and then it even freezes.   Mag, I haven't seen your island since you first became my neighbor.   Please correct this.  I swear ever since they updated the team challenge I have had nothing but problems primarily freezing and loading. 
IF you are having a similar problem LIKE this post so kiwi will pay attention.   LIKE the post.  :)
I don't have any problems when visiting neighbours, but they do take ages to load. However, I am not able to collect spirit bonus when I visit magnat's island.  Also could anyone tell me how many treasure chests you are supposed to be able to collect from each neighbour? Sometimes it's 1 sometimes it's 4 
Hi to you both don't think the problem is with kiwi so only you can fix it will be your storage  i have some neighbors with very large islands and if i have a lot of emails or screen shots a then have to visit one at a time the only pritty bit now is my TC arena all the rest as had to go at about 190  16gb just my island just got to big so think if you want to stay on the game and have deleted the emails pics and so on that you don't use you need to start on your islands but once the paths walls and so on have gone it will cost you i hated it at 1st but love the TC and marr if you seen my island you'll know what i mean 
I know what you're saying Mag, but I need the decor to get courage points so I can build more houses. I feel like I'm in catch 22
Hi marr get rid of paths walls and so on replace with stone heads if you didnot have a storage problem i would say storks as can buy 2 storks for less than stone heads and the two give you  a lot more courage but if you use the storks maybe a month down the rd you will have to start agian 
Hey mag, the only problem with getting rid of them is that it takes away from your courage points.  I learned that the hard way.  I have plenty of space on my tablet and memory it has been an ongoing issue since they changed the team challenge
Under review
Hi Martian,

Hope Magnat has answered your question related to neighbor visit. Do let us know if you have any question or concern. 
I have space and memory and no running process.  It has been happening since you changed the team challenge.  Are any rate, I don't see why if I need to sell paths and walks you take away my courage points.
Magnat answered part of my question.  However, when I visit magnat's island there isn't a treasure chest for me to harvest, or it tells me I can return in 22 hrs.  Also could you tell me how many treasure chests per neighbour I can harvest, sometimes I get 1 sometimes I get 4 per neighbour
I am still having the problem. 
I don't know what the max is but I keep most of my stone heads in a storage box
Visiting larger neighbors has been an issue from what I have read (and now experienced) since before I joined. My visitations have become worse. It used to be that just 2 would boot me totally out, now it happens with most of my neighbors. I have cleared cache and data's and there is very little difference. I have more than enough space and this is the only app I have that does that.
Hey ld,  the invite buttons are still doing it.  I didn't  mean to invite you.  I have an active team and the invite  buttons did it again.   Invited people  i didnt click on.  Can you do me a favor and not accept the invite.   Thanks so much.
As far as getting kicked off an island what you are all forgetting  if your island is already having problems with space you are now trying to download another island that's having more problems than yours so you are trying to take on well over double the storage as far as courage goes walls give you 28 the higher paths give you 159 so you can replace 3 walls and 2 paths with one stone head and have more courage but you are only using the space of one not five
Oh ok I see what you mean now.
Hi ld you as well or forgetting with each quest your island gets bigger and so does your neighbors but don't know about any other gaming apps as most i have stoped playing within a month so never got high to have problems 
So I tried that and I'm still having the problem.   Can you please check out my island, that is still under construction, and give me some other suggestions.   I'm getting rid of the paths and getting more stone heads but I ran out of coins.   Thank you.
Hi Karen,

Please email at support-sw@kiwiup.com and our Support agent will look into your island and suggest you further.
I have emailed support again.  How many times do I need to send them the same problem?   I have cleared space, cleared my cache, and done all the  suggestions.
Hi M, type. Your explanation makes sense to me. The 2 that I have always had prob with is yours and Curious'. You are both very high level gamers and I am now at 72 I think.  Take a look at mine and see what you think. Thanks. 
Will do a post later today unless TC starts but need your id 
Kiwi name is lunardawn702. 
I apologise but you are one of the neighbours I removed last week and this goes for anybody elas to with kiwi missing round with the invites 
Hey mag, I'm an upper level and I have no problem visiting your island it is only two of my other neighbors
  • Hi kb will you make your mind up or is this in the last 24hr and don't forget most of my island is in storage boxes was hoping now got the iPad with loads more storage i would be able to set up my island so it's pretty and and easy to use when TC starts still waiting to hear from anna on that anyway  back to you things in storage must be stored somewhere else so when downloading an island you don't have to count them in you was saying about the stone heads and running out of silver so forget them for a bit if you haven't got any buy acai trees kiwi looking after use on that one( thanks kiwi) and yes the price as gone up but so as the silver you get  from them at something like 2700 payout you will not get a better money maker i have about 18 and stager them and i know it taks 8hr but if you set them to work at bed time will be ready after breakfast 
I'm not worried about the silver I'm already back to where I was before the last tc.  I was actually able to visit my neighbors.  I like the astonished.  What do you mean make up my mind?  I harvest 10 acai trees a night and log on 4 to 5 times a day.I let kiwi know.  Either they fixed it or I did something right can't be sure.
Ho and need to add in some post recently said i was level 190 don't ask where i got 190 from its now at 184 me dreaming again haha:-) 
Hi kb it just in your 1st post said you have not been able o visit my island but in one before last said no problem with visiting me so was a bit confused  and like you i spend most of my day tapping away but stager mine  as not a good sleeper know adays 
No worries M, I might not have classified.  I was always able to visit yours.  Lol I'm a great sleeper I'm just don't sleep in.  In bed at 8:30 up at 4:30 like clockwork.  I'm just glad it for fixed only have one day or two to get my island in some sort of order before tc.  Hope you get some rest soon.  Me personally, I'm permanently disabled with 3 chronic pain physical pain disorders.  So it gets frustrating because I play so often and spend a lot of money that I don't have.
I noticed this post has not been replied to for some time. Is anyone still having game freezing and/or shutting down when visiting neighbors? I still am not able to visit my neighbor's islands. 
I still can't visit a few of my neighbors without the game freezing and crashing. If I skip that neighbor it will let me go to rest of them. Wish they would change the next button so that it would take you to the next one in the list instead of starting you over at the first one. Would make visiting a lot easier once you get to a neighbor you have to skip.
Awesome suggestion, Loretta, I hope it gets lots of thumbs up! I had almost stopped visiting because of being kicked out and lagging my phone. Having the list pick up where we leave off would definitely help!
Hi bar i know your one of the higher level players so have larger island but can't remember if you have lots of paths nd smaller courage stuff and don't know your storage capacity but if you have already looked into them and tried visiting one at a time not much i can add good luck in next one 
Thanks for the post Mag, I always appreciate your advice. No, I don't have much as I spent lots of time today deleting most decor, so now I just have mostly buildings, unless someting is hiding :) It's made a few things work better or faster, like coming back from Atlantis the game doesn't shut down now,  but still cannot visit any neighbors. 
Also I've started inviting back deleted neighbors and sent you an invite along with a few others. Hope to see you back soon.
Hi bk have seen your last message and will get in touch just right now lots going on but have not forgot 
I think that not being able to visit the neighbor's islands has more to do with not enough RAM and slower processors. I have a samsung galaxy s3 and I still have most of my 16 gigabytes available, so it's not the actual storage space on the device that's the problem. But it only has1 gb RAM and 1.5 ghz processor. When your island is large, or you're visiting a large neighbor's island, it can be too much for the system to handle.
Hey All,

The reason your game freezes while visiting a neighbor is possibly that this specific neighbor's island is too big (loads of buildings/assets). However, if this happens with other islands, I'd suggest you email Support Team and they'll be able to look into your account further and find the cause for game freezing.
Thanks RTS. I know that the ones I can't visit, without the game freezing, are high level with huge islands. I am not so concerned with that as I am that when I skip the large island I can't use the next button to continue with the rest of my neighbors, I have to go back to the start, scroll over to find the next neighbor, visit them, then go back out and scroll over to the next one. That is so time consuming that I just don't visit them all any more. If the next button would take you to the next island instead of the very first one then we could start anywhere in the list and continue from that island. It does no good if you have already visited 10 or 15 neighbors and then you have one that freezes. You have to skip that neighbor to continue but the next button won't help you to get there. It makes you start at the first one again and even if you click next through them all you will eventually hit the one that freezes again so there is no way to use that feature to move on to the rest of the neighbors. If the next button would continue from any neighbor and go forward then you could skip the freezing neighbor and continue to visit the rest of them. Hope that makes more sense. 
This has happened ALOT!!!!! ESPECIALLY on my phone! At first I didn't report it, I thought it was low ram, but I see a lot of others are having the same problem!!

I put my vote on this challenge as a negative 10!!
Hi Loretta/Tracey,

Yes, your point does makes sense. I'm sure our Support team will be able to dig into your account further about the freezing issue. Do email them for further investigation.
I'm having the same issues... and the about suggestions haven't improved it. in my opinion, Lorretta Green "hit the nail on the head" with all that she wrote. And, RTS, thank you for your help on my Host/Ghost issue!
I've always thought it would be nice to have a check mark by a neighbor you have already visited. Then when the time has passed for you to visit again, it goes away until your next visit.
That's a great idea Juliajulia! Like when you have gifted someone already, it has a check by it.

I am getting really frustrated with the inability to visit my neighbors in Shipwrecked. I had the same problem with Brightwood Adventures. I played that game for over 2 years and built up a nice village and was at level 131, but my game would constantly freeze and totally not able to visit any neighbors or the separate portals. I play on a tablet that is powerful enough and have a strong WiFi so it is an issue with the game. I was told by Kiwi that I must get rid of lots of stuff to make the game run, that is unacceptable since I had worked hard, spent money and hours to make a nice village. I was told by one of my neighbors through the forum that his game locked up each time he tried to visit me, so he dropped me. That is also not acceptable. What is the object of the game if not to built a nice island. What do you do with all the coins for if not using them for buying decor and buildings, but if you do then your game starts slowing down and locking up. Sorry for venting, but it really is a problem and will only get worst the longer I play and accumulate more. I guess the game is just playing the challenges now. Can someone at Rock You do better at fixing the problem than Kiwi??????

I was told that probably the reason the game crashes so much is that the games server isn't big enough to handle the traffic it receives. If that's the case, the crashing will continue until they upgrade their servers.