what are challenges?

Emily Greife 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Magnat 4 years ago 4
Hi, I'm new to Shipwrecked and I don't quite understand these challenges. Can someone give me some pointers please? Thanks! 
Welcome to Shiperecked, Emily! Team Challenges are where .up to 4 players team up to complete whatever Kiwi announces as the challenge. Some are simple, like harvesting as many pineapple as you can, others involve buying special buildings and making things with them. Get familiar with the screens in the Trophy icon on the right side of your game. On Friday noon EST, the second screen announces what the challenge is. We have 24 hours to form teams., then it starts. Don't make any finished products until Saturday noon EST or they won't count!
Thanks for the info! I guess there are no challenges now and/or how do I join a team? 
Not til Friday! When it opens, you will have 3 choices. 1. Form a team. If you click thst option, you will be able to send requests to your neighbors. 2. Join a random team. This is a good option for beginners, just to see how it works. You can also send neighbor requests to your teammates to keep them for the next challenge. The downside of random is often that you are the only one producing. 3. Wait for one of your neighbors to request you. If no one does, then click random. A lot of people look for teammates in these forums. Good luck!
Nice one mary will just add the announcement start and end all depends on your part of the would and the building's you need are in the market now but to be honest if i was you being a new player i would not enter till end of seaside season is over as little chance of getting a good payout as TC nearly over and it will give you time to stock up on silver and spirit and look over your neighbor's to see who you want as TM good luck