Looking for a team to join!

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Hi all,
I am looking for a team to join, as I always get stuck with a random team where nobody even tries the challenge but me. I would love to join a team so I can help out! Please let me know if you need a team member - I promise I will benefit the team! My id is heyits
Hi - I don't know if you're still looking for a team to join, but if so, please consider yourself invited to join our team. We've had a "sleeper" problem in the past, so we're looking for a player who'll actively participate and do their best. That being said, while we're quite competitive (who isn't?), and generally do pretty darned well, please know we are not crazy-insane-nutso players. We do NOT expect you to mortgage your home so you can buy extra-extra-even-more Spirit and move us up a couple more notches.
We do our best each week and support each other, and only ask that you do the same. If things work out, it'd be great to have a permanent "fourth."
You can reach me via email: nzm104@gmail.com, or you can send a neighbor request (I can be found via my email address, or my Kiwi ID: nzm1004, OR you can look me up by name: Nora Edelen). In any event, whether you've found a team or not, I wish you much luck in future TCs. 
If that doesn't work out, let me know.  I'm constantly on teams with "sleepers" and looking for a team.  It's still showing the team I was on for seeking see stars and I did just about all of the work but if I'm able to change I will. kiwi ID: lroller12
I see you have replies! I put you on my list & sent you an invitation to join us. I just tossed a user off my neighbors! Let me know if you are joining or have accepted another invitation as I need to find a team mate that does their best even if it's low as long as I know someone is doing best they can, that's all that matters! Thanks Jan
Hi LCR i think you should have no problems swoping good luck all
Thank you Magnet, your such a awesome source for helping everyone! If you keep it up they will hire you away from us! Lol!! If you ever get an opening, (as if ) look me up! lol Jan 
  • hi jan thanks but think kiwi more likely to ban me for some of the post I've put up haha:-) but if you want to send invite for neighbor will except like i said it's good to study island's you can see a lot of what your doing right and wrong not saying you will like my island as now it's set hope for the TC not looks cannot wait to get new tablet as hopefully then i will be able to take lots of my building's out of storage ood luck in next TC 
Thanks M for being so nice!! I will take you up on that as soon as we are out of seaside season! My island is trashed as I do not have excessive amt of storage! I'm claustrophobic in life so it's killing me!  I set up for TC & try ignoring the rest! Did you find Tablet or computer yet?  Telling you my 16gb Nexus is awesome! It's the Wi-Fi I have to worry about! I'live in Florida USA and we are lightning Capital, Stinks when in TC & it goes down! 
Heyits and Nora i sent neighbor requests for future challenges
Hi! Like most I am looking for a team to join. I am at level 74 and a solid producer just looking for actives rather than being stuck on a random team. Please fee free to send a neighbour request to Ittybittyoz if interested!
I have joined 2 competitions already and tried to fill the request but my point was always 0. Season History is N/A: #0. It says in the competition: did not place. For example in the Ribbon Competition recently, I joined a random team and I collected 115 ribbons, team 120 overall but at the end of the competition I received nothing. How come? Anybody please help me?! Thank you in advanced.
Also, if you're making items and you are still showing 0, you will need to contact support through your game so they can try and fix it asap before next challenge.
Hi tk not sure how much you need to get to be ranked in the TC but out of over 6 thousand teams 120 dose not sound a lot. If you are stuck with sleepers you will not get far if I was you I would put up a post today of your own asking for neighbor who need I member for. The next TC. Explain like you have above giving your level and just a bit about yourself and hopefully you will get in a good team but on this post it will probably be overlooked good luck 
I have to say, my team ranked 90/6103 with 14,964 ribbons made and our season rank is 330 so I'm not sure you're numbers are correct or you're confused about how it works. I would check into the explanation on the home page, not sure exactly what the post is called, but it might help. It is confusing, I still get confused and have been playing these challenges since the start, but you will start to understand it the more you play. It's possible your confusing the team rank for the week with the season rank, which lasts usually 5 weeks. Hope this is USEFUL information!
Thank you so much for all your quick replies. My question was about the point next to the shield with a star icon in the center. I've checked some of my neighbours and seen someone with over 4000 point. I've played for 2 weeks, level 14 :), now and been through 2 challenges, one alone and one with a random team. I've noticed the ranking go up and down due to the required items the team members have but at the end of the challenge I did not receive any rewards or at least a confirmed button saying that "You have finish the challenge with the position of..." or something like that if you know what I mean. I wonder do I have to apply or do something to make the point go up.
My golden flower icon says "Did not place" for all 2 competitions :(
I'm an enthusiastic player. Please help me! Thank you very much. I'm a newbie
I wish someone would be so kind invite me next challenge :)
If you did not place high enough in the ranks for the individual weekly challenge, then there is no reward. I can't remember right now how far it goes, I think top 1000, so maybe thats why you didn't get the reward. Now for the season challenge, those rewards you don't get till the end of the season, I think there's 30-something days left, so that gives you a chance to try and move up every week! That's the 4000 number you see on your neighbors islands. 
Yay, this answers my question right there. Thank you so much Tigger4u and all. All I have to do now is finding a good team but how. Could you tell me where to find them?:)
TK like I said put a post in as soon as possible good luck 
Challenge is about to start. Someone invite me please :)
Check the forum: Ittybittyoz, Karen Bierman, and Sylvia Vahlsing are three teams all looking for another team member. Hope you find a team! :)
Hey barb I have a team I just needed 2 for this challenge.  Thanks though
So I need one team member but this is what my team does:
1. Chatting, we stay in constant communication with each other through chat and through email when chat goes down to discuss straggly and schedules and where we are at.
2. Activity: Our team is very active. We made top ten last team challenge and it was team effort. There was a lot of pressure on my because I have the most resources but my team really came through in the end to keep our 10 spot.
3. Personable, we joke with each other and we kid around with each other and we have fun together during the tc's.
4. This is the kicker, there are some challenges that we will NOT be so active about. Any challenge that includes energy we will NOT be very active, we don't care. We hate ENERGY.
So if you have those four traits and you need a team let me know, please post a reply with your kiwi ID, your level, how many TC's you have played in, and how many times you usually sign on.