Very sad M, more are on the way unless it's fixed, you know how it is, your team has worked hard, and their your team!
I don't wake up early on Monday for just anyone! 
Or stay awake around the clock to compete! Or get into trouble for over spending just to get swords and gold to complete quests! And for us low and mid-level people trying to keep up with some of you high levels.  LOL. 
Hi All,

The invite screen in TC will send invitation to all neighbors per our new Invite screen layout. This was intended and not an issue.
Admin, many of us play with the same team each week and enjoy chatting with each other. You are forcing our "inviter' to delete neighbors to ensure our team staying together. 
Admin, this most definitely is an issue.  Please don't say it is not.   Do you understand what the problem is?  The invite buttons are too sensitive.  Why have an invite screen at all if this is how it is supposed to be? 
And why would we want to invite all of our neighbors if all of our neighbors can't play on the same team, it's ridiculous
  1. kiwi i give you warning last week that player's would do this but instead of trying to put things right you just shut the warning down by stamping it complete or one of meaningless words you now feel is justified the bears and lots of other  teams work exsteemly hard to get where we are i knew it was no mistake when you moved my post on in less than 12hr a frend had tried to give it a thumbs up and it came up closed yet funnly a post saying magniificent forum is still there after being the only one on site the 1st time i visited dose this mean we have to be ho so nice and complementary or we will be moved on the bears and many more players have put a lot of money into this game and a lot of time to get the few crumbs you give use i can not wait for your next move will it be to freeze the neighbor's or are you just going to ban the player's that won't grovel like i said this is sad really sad 
I finally found a team within my neighbors so trying to. Invite just those teammates for the tc is impossible  I've worked hard to find a team that everyone participates in no slackers everyone participated at their own level a mixture of all levels it was great last week. This week it sucks!!!!!!!  I invited all my neighbors I just hope I get the same team back if I don't I'll delete all but the ones that I want to be teammates with.  I know you guys can fix this  its a computer . oh yeah they're only as good as the programmers.!!!!!!!
The same thing happened to.  I posted and finally found a team that was active and I enjoyed playing with.  KIWI people spend ALOT of money on this game why have team challenges if you make it impossible to keep the same team?  I for one lost interest,  then I found a good team, and you take it away, with the amount of money spent on this game you think you would want the people who spend a lot of money to keep playing.  As of now I have lost interest again and don't care to play.  When is this going to get fixed?  Niw you tell me you are closed on the weekend.   I truly hope the servers don't crash.
Maybe the only answer is for us all to not spend real money this weekend, maybe they will listen then
I feel the same I spend so much money and time on this game. It did take a little bit for me to get the hang of it and time to get a good team. Last week did ok so this week I went through all of my neighbors to see who I wanted to invite so we could do better this week. And it I voted everyone and I only got one person that I wanted and that person not even trying either.  One person didn't even do the challenge the pass couple of weeks so he/she had no idea how to do this weeks challenge they had to get everything and upgrade everything to the right level. I worked to hard and spent to much time and money to lose now. So I feel the same as everyone of you. And I keep trying to go through all my neighbors to delete the ones I don't want to invite for next weeks TC and everytime I try it shuts down.  I am also very upset.
I have been trying for a couple months  now to get  more neighbors  I have had 6 open spots and at least  twice a week i invite new neighbors but nobody has accepted . Am i doing something wrong when requesting? Please help. Thank you,

You can invite me my kiwi ID is sunshine24 I hear there are three of them though.  What is your Kiwi ID?  If you invite me as a neighbor I will accept and let you know.
I don,t think I've seen your post but I know with lots already fixed up it most be getting harder but always somebody on Friday to sat looking for 1 or more TM you can try then let them know your level how often you play and a bit about your TC history if this does not work put in a post mon at end of TC hope this helps good luck soz just realised it,s neighbours but same applies just cut out fri to sat but do leave it till mon is that your Id 
Ok so for everyone who is having an issue with support, DO THIS - Call Google App. The phone number is 1-855-836-3987. You will go through some prompts but make sure you get to the app department and open up a complaint. I did and they are looking into the lack of support from Kiwi and their support team and they will be contacting the developers. Basically it comes down to this....Shipwreck is a free game to download with in app purchases. If you make purchases in app and you are not getting support for the issues that you having Google Apps takes this very seriously. What will happen is if the support team does not step it up and start supporting then all Kiwi apps will be suspended or revoked from the app store. So once again, Call Google App at 1-855-836-3987 and tell them that you are not getting support and for how long.
Hi All,

We have fixed the issues with Invite screen in our recent version release. If you still have any issues/concerns with the invite feature, please do share them here and I'll be able to assist you further.