0/0 on Decor, Houses, and Building

Karen Bierman 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Zieu 4 years ago 20
The buildings, decor, and houses still all read 0/0.  It doesn't give me how much coin or spirit or how long the harvest time is.  Also in the crops, I wanted to plant crops but I couldn't because everything reads 0/0.  Ever since the update this had been going on.  When is it going to get fixed.
Hi kb you know something bought some flag stones to day and never notice but your right 
Hey Magnat, I am trying to figure out how to follow you.  Your posts are very helpful.  And right, how are we supposed to know what we are getting?  I know most of them but to people who are not familiar they don't.  It has been that way for weeks now.  I thought it might have been because of that weeks team challenge but then I saw it on the decor.  And, what is your kiwi name I would love to have you for a neighbor.  I have a really awesome team but I wanted to see your island.  Can you add me?  Do you have any open slots?  My email is ksbierman@gmail.com for kiwi there are 3 sunshine24 but that is my kiwi name.
I just want them to fix it.  How do I do that?  I have posted and sent emails.  What else can I do?
Hi kb about the following let me get back to you on that about the zero on market goods think kiwi extremely busy at the moment trying to fix all the rest of the mess and like me of late not been buying as not got the storage space so concerned more with TC and probably that's what's happening with most player's but just have to hope it's ever next on kiwi list or you get lots of thumb's up ( can not remove ever so just ignore it ) as far as neighbor's send me request will except but don't expect island to be amazing as like i said before most of it store so have lots of empty space and still moving things round and set up more nowadays for TC than looks good luck
Under review
Karen - Please email at support-sw@kiwiup.com and your issue related to 0/0 on decor, buildings will be looked into and assisted further.
Hi kb you can follow a post by clicking follow or if you want to know what post they have submitted click on the image that will take you to a screen which is about them and which post they submitted 
Hi Karen,

I've noticed the same thing!  Very annoying.  I have a list of all the Houses and Buildings, their cost, and how much spirit or xp they produce here if you need to check something until Kiwi fixes it:  Shipwrecked Wiki Houses and Shipwrecked Wiki Buildings
Thank you for the websites, I am going to bookmark them.
And thank you so much for that!   I've had to check it a lot lately because of this issue.
Hi All,

Our developers have found the issue with 0/0 on Decors, buildings and houses display glitch. This will be fixed in our upcoming version release.
"...Related to houses... I want to add houses but get a " you dont have enough courage...buy decor.. how much decor? What kind? As in previous posts there are no values 0/0... I'd love your help. Thanks.
In order to buy houses you have to have courage points.  You get those by purchasing the decor.  It doesn't tell you anymore how much courage you have our need, they took that option out.  Depending on the size of your island and how much coin you have I generally scroll to the very end and get flowers.  It tells you how much they are and how much courage points you get from each.  Lately I have been purchasing stoneheads because they are 400 courage points each, the flowers are 376 I just purchasing a bunch and arrange it later.  Does that answer your question?  If not let me know and I will help out any way I can. 
So Pw if you take a look at my island you will see that all over there are different flowers and stone heads.  You have to purchase decor to get courage points to build more houses.  You can have all the buildings you want but houses you have to have courage points.  As far as how much decor it depends on how many houses you want.  Like for instance I am maxed out at 84 but I sold two of my houses to get better houses.  The flowers that are worth the 376 or 356 is like I said what I usually get because they take up less space and they look nicer.  If you get the little things like a tiki torch it is not going to matter much for courage points because they are only worth like 2 I think.  Also, if you look at my island you will see grass and gravel all over the place (It is under construction) I didn't really pay attention when I got them otherwise I wouldn't have.  I sold a buch of lower ones to get higher ones.  But be careful, if you sell off your decor than it takes away from your courage points and you have to earn them back.  (Found that out the hard way)  Courious, Thank you so much for the websites I wish I would have seen the post before.  But I will for sure bookmark it because god only knows even though it is fixed now, it doesn't mean that it won't happen again.
Hi pw i think if you can i would hold off on that kiwi have removed it for a reason and would not be surprised if a lot changes but kb is right stone heads was and still maybe one of the best  for décor for house's was the blue or pink apartment blocks hope fully kiwi will get it sorted soon good luck 
Hey mag, this was fixed on my end as well it no longer reads 0/0.  Is he your neighbor?  I looked at his island not a lot room.
Mag- mine is not 0/0 anymore.  And I noticed another post or two that it's fixed. 
Found update yin Google to fix it if you don't update automatically
Can you post the link please?
Go to Google play store, click upper left corner, choose My Apps.  Shipwrecked should be listed in Updates Available.
Thanks will check that out 
Hello Islanders,

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience caused due to incorrect reward/time shown for Crop Shop items. This issue has been fixed in our current version release 2.7.0.

Please update the game to the latest version and you will see the issue with Crop Shop items fixed.

Thank you all for understanding and being patient enough.

Enjoy playing Shipwrecked: Lost Island!!