I have harvested almost 200 star fish and my score has not moved!!!

barbie26 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Magnat 4 years ago 4
I've done a lot of work and my score has only gone down! Plus my score from last t.c. has NOT been added!! How do I fix this??? I worked really hard and used a lot of resources and time!! I am VERY disappointed!!!
Hi b26 just have to hold on kiwi not letting us know anthing is a pain but not a lot we can do ood luck 
I agree,  its taking too long for fixes. I updated again today but still showing level from rock out challenge for me and one other teammate but a third has level up from starfish challenge!! 
Gabe, I think today's update was mainly for the forum change. My guess is that the update for the scores won't happen until Seaside Season is almost finished. 
I just keep going down with one of my team mates dropped by one today just cannot figure this out feeling like a junkie that's not had a hit for weeks if it goes lower may well resort to that haha:-)  but kiwi we're all trying to stay optimistic but at 345 when should be near the top hope your all working really really really hard to fix this