Cannot log in forums on laptop

Sweet Reef 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Deborah Davis 3 years ago 11
I cannot log into forums on my laptop. Blue circle thingy shows up as to say refresh. Does nothing. Anyone else have this problem? I know there will be glitches with using a new forum format. 
Sorry for the hassle. We haven't received any such report. Can you please send a screenshot of the issue? 
Well I am able to sign in now but thru my g+ (google plus account) but cannot log in with my log in thru userecho log in.

Sweet Reef, 
What happens when you login with userecho account? Was it registered correctly? 
 I clicked on the confirmation email they sent me. I had to look at it again. When I click on the red tab with "g+", it brings up another screen and it says user echo on the bottom and uses my log in for userecho. Thanks for helping. 
Have new tablet. How can I retrieve my game? PLEASE HELP!!
Hello Deborah!
You should E-Mail  Kiwi for support.
They'll explain step by step what to do for transfer.

Again I'm asking for help in retrieving  my game. Also when I log into the website  do I use my game name? I have gotten  every other game so I don't get why kiwi cannot email me or Something!
You have to email kiwi from your new device from  inside the game because it gives them information about your device..you will also have to get that same info from your old device so they can transfer your progression exactly. Just make sure you email support from inside your game.
Thanks, I broke my old one! I emailed from the website and tried to download but it started over from the beginning and I was on level 120 something. How do I email from the game?
There's an arrow on the right side column of your game, tap that, tap the gears, scroll down to help and support, then report an issue. It will open up a new email that will have all of your device information. Yeah, unfortunately it will start from the beginning every time you download the app onto a different device and then you wait for kiwi to transfer. Also give them your level when you email!!