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Support is non existent

Sally Stickler Seidel 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by shana whitton 3 years ago 22
I I'm so sick of your lack of support. I did not knowing purchase any punch out junk for 45 swords. I want my 45 back. I do not know who or what Anna is bit you need to hire someone who wants to do their job. I wonder if the company who just invested 16 million in kiwi knows your crappy support policy's please get bAck to me and explain the punch out crap Sally. Also I would like to know if u are ever going to fix my purchasing problem
Under review
Sally - Firstly, sorry for the inconvenience caused. We were closed for 4 days last week due to holidays. I'll have Ana look into your issue reported via email right away. 

We are here to serve and deliver the best service to all our user's.
Hi Sally,

We have reported your issue to our developers. They are looking into it. We will keep you updated through email. 

Dear Anna
I still can not purchase resources that I have previously purchased. It has been months that I have been reporting this issue to you. Do you think you will ever get this issue fixed as promised? Do you think changing my devise would help? This is very frustrating to have to keep reporting this to you and getting no help!
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I did find the punch out thing via a friend. I did not want to use swords but glad I found it as it was about to expire then I would have lost them all I did manage to recoup 23 out of 45 what a deal (not) please again fix the android market issue as Google informed me yesterday only you can!
Hope you get help soon 
I sincerely hope you do not work for echo 
I take it from the lack of replay you do mean me you can not read meny post or would not be asking that ?????? Do a serch for warning to kiwi  which was moved on within 12hr after reading it if you still think so then am lost for words which doesn't happen often ever way good luck
I am so sick of the lack of support as well.  My game has not loaded since Friday and I have not been able to play the team challenge or do anything. I keep getting an error message saying Shipwrecked has stopped working and I report it every time and still I am not able to load the game.
Karen, have you tried clearing the data and cache. This usually works for me and the game loads again
The Data as well, no I didn't but I will try that I did clear the cache.  If I clear the data will I still have my game when I sign back in or will it go back to the original state?
Xanther posted once in old forum to clear the data, and I always do that now and it works everytime
Martin, you are my hero!  It worked, I was able to load the game.  THANK YOU!
Excellent. I hope you can catch up with the  team challenge, as I know how hard you usually work
I cleared data and it didn't work. I have cleared it several times 
Sally, have you tried deleting apps you don't use often or using a larger memory card? Another thing to check is how strong your Internet connection is. Shipwrecked usually won't play for me unless I have at least three bars of connection.
Sorry I don't understand this email
Kiwi, Inc.

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You can call the app store at 1-855-836-3987 and go through the prompts until you get to the APP store.  File a complaint and open a ticket, the more people that do this the app store will monitor kiwi to make sure that they are supporting the game and if not then kiwi games will be suspended and if it continues yanked from the play store.  The app store takes it very seriously when in app purchases are not being supported.  
I made a comment about stuttering during a challenge. Didn't have a problem otherwise. ****, whom I never had much luck getting to understand my problems subsequently wiped out a ton of my deco. Deco I put up because of another issue that was a bug (rectanging). Still way short of the amount of deco you need to have 200 houses an amount of storage that should be available if you're going to offer that level. Long story short you wiped out a bunch of my decorations that included art work, mazes, and buffering separating different areas of my island. It was an insult to me, to my efforts, and to not even ask what I would like to do. You just went ahead and wiped it out. Terrible, terribleterrible, terrible customer service. My purchases are the ink on you paychecks. I have requested that a single SC agent....the only one that ever bothered to build rapport with me to take over my account and I really would like to get some feedback on this even if it's privately but I've spent way too much money for you to treat me in which a shabby manner.

Did Sally finally get a resolution? Nice to see that she was at least acknowledged and received an apology. I'm still waiting on just a mere notice of existence.