Complaints Team Challenges - Email Address and Phone Numbers

Karen Bierman 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated 4 years ago 5
Ok everyone here are the email addresses again:
Here are the phone numbers that I found:
(650) 391-9316
(650) 561-4412
Here is one of my complaints:
My team placed 89th out of 5865. I harvested 414 and have a score of 6911, player 2 harvested 426 and has a score of 6911, player 3 harvested 318 and has a score of 6911, player 4 harvested 5 and has a score of 6911.
How is this fair? The scoring is based on the team but if one of the team members who is inactive or does not do much has the same score of the team members who do harvest then what is the point of spending spirit and coin for team challenges? The team rank is one thing but our individual scores should not be effected by one team member who does not harvest or craft anything. Because the invite button never got fixed as stated it would before this challenge now we are being told that it will be fixed for this upcoming team challenge. Crap. At this point Kiwi you have told us that you are fixing it, you have told us you are looking into it, you have to us that you are passing it on to whoever you pas it on to, and you have told us that you listen to us. Well in my perception, you don't. The forum is filled with complaints yet nothing is done even though you tell us that is being done. As stated in the movie Jerry McGuire, "Show me the money" Take action and stop telling us things that we have heard 100 times. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
Thanks for that KB will come in very handy right now and probably in the future have taken screen shot suggest others do the same as with kiwi  we do not know what is round the corner
I'm serious.  Although X posted something that did make sense.  It costs a lot of money for upper level techs so they give the problems to them in one batch so that they can work on them at the same time instead of bringing them in one at a time.  So I am going to give Kiwi until the end of the week and see what happens after the next team challenge and if they do not listen to what we want then I am going to go on a roll next week.  Remember to LIKE the post so Kiwi takes notice.
I sent e-mails to all of the above with screen shots over the last weekend and I'm   still waiting on an answer
I have never gotten a response from the info or from the hello. I sometimes get a response from support. I wouldn't expect a response.  For me, a response isn't the point, just sending them the emails on a weekly basis is the sole reason why.  If everyone sent all of them an email then eventually they would have no choice but listen to what we have to say.  I am glad you sent the emails though, keep it up.  I do every week.
Remember if everyone LIKE the post then Kiwi will make it a higher priority.