Team Challenge: Shamrock Cookie

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Hi Islanders,

Welcome back to our next Team Challenge- Shamrock Cookie!

Team Challenge Name: Shamrock Cookie

Team Challenge Description: Bake as many shamrock cookies as possible!

Team Challenge Action: Collect Shamrock Cookies

Team Formation Start Time

5:00 AM EST

March 11, 2016

Team Challenge Start Time

9:00 AM EST

March 12, 2016

Team Challenge End Time

12:00 PM EST

March 14, 2016

Title Details By Rank:


Rating Points


1 - 3


+600% Cheer

4 - 10


+300% Cheer

11 - 100


+125% Cheer

101 - 500


+60% Cheer

501 - 4000


+30% Cheer

Title Duration: 7 days

Good luck everyone and Happy weekend!




Get the pop up advertisement out of the challenge please!

In the middle of the bonus round its freezing my screen again. Every single time we have tapping chaloenges this has been happening causing us to lose the energy applied. Please!!


Anna please do something about the Ads popping up! They are Very invasive in the tc. Ive got at least one teammate who cant get hers to open ( likely best so she doesnt lose the energy ): but im having the ads still popping up during energy use & throwing me off the tc screen! Are we the only ones having this issue? If anyone else is please thumbs up or post it please. Thanks

Hit the back button on your device it should get out of it...

I do everytime i can catch it 1st. The screen freezes instantly & i cant do anything about it, usually have to force stop & or clear data, its worse during team challenges! Thanks for trying to help.