iron mine

Liliana Nebti 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Admin-Anna 1 year ago 7
  1. I try go find the iron mine and can't. Anyone having same problem?

Wait till you are told do in a certainly quest...otherwise you are wasting swords.. Do your Limited Edition quests first and then do your open quests in your list... It will show up... Look up shipwrecked wiki it will help you a million times over

been waiting for over a year for steel mine I think it's about time you put it up

Is iron mine or steel foundry you are looking for mark ?


Hi mark , sorry for late reply ! Challenges and all that ! Lol ! There used to be a Wikipedia page listing all the quests but it no longer seems to be available . The steel foundry will become available through a non limited edition quest , but I can't look up name of quest for you . Just try completing a series of quests before starting new ones and try and stick to non limited edition too .

I'm looking for the iron mine as well anyone have any luck?

The Iron Mine is found as a part of quest- Test Your Metal. Once the quest is active, it will trigger you to find the asset in the jungle. Please continue to play the game, and you should come across it soon.