Looking for a team

Artist Spellen 2 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by anne wilson 1 year ago 7

Looking for a good hardworking team, please leave game name.

Hi. We are looking for 1 team player. Add emmaw1985.


We are looking for 1permanent team mate who enjoys playing the team challenges & willing to put in the time, effort & will purchase resources! We purchase wisely & use wisely! We enjoy chats & good natured banter! We are a team who cover's our team mate's once in awhile as thing's do happen that interrupts playing every weekend. Usually end up in the top 10 every week! Add Emma or myself 627000000 & post on the forum if your willing to play as we do. Thank you!

I already got you as a friend, you invited me last challenge but I wasn't able to join my teammate was with me. You can invite me this challenge if you want, wallywatson.

We are looking forward to having you as a team member. Thank you for accepting our invitation! Invitation will be sent on Friday! ☺

im looking for friends to play with and wondering where my challenges are i have non

your challenges will be available on Friday for invites then challenges begin on a Saturday . You have to be level 6 to take part in challenges so if you are past level 6 click on your challenge icon on Friday and try to join a team . If you have any problems please post and someone will help I'm sure !