Invites screwed up Dyed Egg Challenge 26 March 2016

Xgxuxy 2 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated 2 years ago 4

the invites for this challenge have been massively messed up. Team cannot see them right, accept them right or send them. Despite being in a team, I am now alone bc we tried to shuffle to get everyone together. I don't show any invites and cannot send any bc they show as sent, when they were not for this team.

It still showed last week's team until 2pm eastern time despite me reloading it! Invites have never worked 100%. This is annoying and not cool.

Do you stick to just one person doing invites ? Sometimes my team mates dont get invites come through for hours , but we dont invite each other . all my team mates just sit and wait for my invite . try doing it this way next week . also sometimes invites cancel out after a period of time and need to be resent . check invite screen regular .

Yeah it being delayed was not the issue. And yes 1 person normally sends. Can't try next week bc now no way to talk to them. :(

I guess I wasn't clear. Will think of a way to clarify. Main issue is it's a known buggy system for over a year that has never been properly addressed.

Another thing that happens is when you select your team it will automstically cluck onto other players too . i always double check mine before i actually snd invites . any neighbours that are shoeing up as being clicked on get rid of . remove them as neighbours .

I've never had that issue. They really need to fix these problems.