Team Challenge: Cherry Pie

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Hello Islanders,

Welcome back everyone to our next Challenge:Cherry Pie

Team Formation Start Time

5:00 AM EST

April 8, 2016

Team Challenge Start Time

9:00 AM EST

April 9, 2016

Team Challenge End Time

11:00 AM EST

April 11, 2016

Team Challenge Name: Cherry Pie

Team Challenge Description: Bake as many cherry pies as possible!

Team Challenge Action: Collect Cherry Pies

Title Details By Rank:


Rating Points


1 - 3


+600% Spirit

4 - 10


+300% Spirit

11 - 100


+125% Spirit

101 - 500


+60% Spirit

501 - 4000


+30% Spirit

Title Duration: 7 days

Good luck everyone and Happy Weekend!



I have not been able to log into my game at all today. I have tried emailing and they have been returned undeliverable with a link to contact Rock you. The link does not load!! It keeps saying zendesk took too long to load. Can you please fix my game before the challenge is over? I would like to help my team!! Thanks!

Mine did that and i went into settings and hit force stop and then when i went to load my game up, it loaded with no problem.that is what they told me to do, when they emailed me back.if you try it , let me know if it works.i hope you get it fixed.

Thank you Barbara. Yes, I have tried that several times and also cleared cache. That does usually work but not this time.

how many pies are needed to achive each goal? My team has 19million and the goal bar hasn't moved in ages.

I'm happy to say the goal bar is now showing our progres, however, we have a new problem... our next goal was 11-100, but now shows as 101-500. Isnt that going backwards? Please explain.

our next goa