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okay have pm'd the staff on this and NO feedback! I can't finish a quest because another one accidentally took what I needed! Was working on the kracken and Nessie quests and Nessie took the special fish i needed before the option popped up on that quest! How can I finish the kracken quest???? Because it won't let me search the jungle for another damn fish!!! Someone please help me!!! I have been at this quest now for a long time and have completed about 30 others and still no luck!!!! Thanks for reading and hopefully helping!!!

What is the title of your quest ?

Lets get kracken! Series: its my life 30/30

Ive looked this up . quests dont normalky mix , if you need a special fish it will be a different fish to the one nessie took , make sure you have completed the previous actions of gathering sleeping flower and then tapping kraken pen to put him to sleep (8hours) then search jungle for special fish , this normally takes three swords , but it will be more if other quests are active so i would search jungle and not complete any actions on other quests and it should eventually appear .


Thats the thing though. It did!!! They both needed rare tasty fish....found one for kracken and Nessie took it! Now what?!


I had the same thing happen to me!

Give me the name of the nessie quest please .

I don't remember it because i finished that one awhile ago!

im having the same problem. Only I found fish and it just disappeared

Darla the best thing to do is email support from your game . Click on arrow bottom right , select settings , bottom right then scroll down to help and support and report an issue . Click on quest issue and support will get back to you .