What has happened to our swords we were getting? First it was 10 then it was 5 now it's 3. Very unhappy!

Edie Neary 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Zieu 5 months ago 16

Decrease in swords? No happy!


I was wondering if they limited the swords, wasn't on as much so thought it was just because I wasn't in the game as much. Not nice rock you.

Can I describe???????

You clean up debris and for a time you would get free swords first it was 10 then 5 now 3.


I also noticed this decrease in the daily reward of swords. I'm not happy about this either. If the sword reward is going to be decreased at least have the courtesy to put an announcement on the forum, not just do it and say nothing. If you have not decreased it then obviously we have some sort of technical glitch. Please could someone from Rock You confirm either way.


don't hold your breath. Rockyou and kiwi will not respond to you. They are both THIEVERY companies. Their DEVELOPERS are only interested in how to swindle more money from individuals.


I don't know if I'll continue playing, half of my island is unfinished buildings, and I am unable/unwilling to pay for swords. I have tried the things they offer, to get free ones, and end up with all kinds of spam in my mailbox, and no swords...

why the decrease in the swords? In the last 3 days, and I play every day, was 5, now 3! Why?? I've playing game over 3 years too, on level 78.

FYI: just wanted to tell everyone that the sword's will likely stop all together! Hate to be a bummer but we had Never gotten sword's until they started giving out a few here & there, ( In my opinion it was because the game was hacked & many people had resource's mainly sword's stolen from their game.), They have stopped the hacker's from getting our private resources but unfortunately the hacker's are still on board in the team challenges taking top spots! That's why my team no longer competes competitive for top 3. ( On shipwrecked Lost island ), actually none at the moment until they really clean out the hacker's, I have word that is what they are doing Again, sadly the hacker's have caused the numbers to drop to the lowest I've Ever seen over last 3 ++++ year's of playing the team challenge's. I hope they do not stop giving them out as many depend on them just to play, I am level 192 & had to purchase every sword I used except the few we got in the team challenges & leveling up. Please don't hate the messenger but I have been seeing this & finally decided to tell everyone who may not have known that the swords were a repayment of sort's! Sorry so long!

So just asking, when you first started you never got any swords in debris? In the tutorial that's how I got my first swords? I've been playing less than a year, and I've gotten pretty far on Volcano and New World, Lost I kinda lost interest...

Jan when you first 🌟 ed 3yrs ago did you get swords from debris?

if I remember right , the swords in debris was introduced by RockYou after the transition from kiwi . So only a recent thing lostgurlz.

Yeah,wow I started after the transition,thats crazy they have went down that path from 10-3...😞

You know what comes after 3 .......2 ..........1.......... then ......ZERO ! Lol !

that is not all they will take away. Play long enough and they will cheat you out of your hard earned money and never admit to any wrong doing. Players have to realize that ROCKYOU and KIWI are THIEVES. Their downfall is just around the corner. There are plenty of games to play out there. We can all THANK ZIEU and ANNA for their great communication skills and fair play knowledge-NOT.

Does the wardrobe have an easter egg?

The Wardrobe is used to change the costumes for players. Please let us know if you have more questions about the same.