New teammate needed for challenges

Glw12345 2 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated 2 years ago 3

A 4th member is required for our team. We don't spend money on resources but try to work hard & most of the time we come in the top 100. We don't judge, there is no pressure, we just want someone who will do their best for the team. We are all based in England. If you would like to join us please post your response here, we look forward to welcoming a new player to our team.

We are still looking for a new 4th for our team, our scores are suffering as we are only 3 at the moment. If you would like to join us please let us know by posting your reply here. :-)

"All for one, and one for all"

Do you still need another member? I am looking for an active team to join.

Hi, thanks for responding to my post. We have just got a new team mate who started this weekend. So we are not looking at the moment. Sorry. It might be worth u adding your own post that u r looking for a team & see what response u get. That was how I started my team in the 1st place. Good Luck.