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I cannot find how to get planks or steel?


Planks will be from the saw mill and steel from the steel foundry . For the saw mill you will need starry eyed quest and the steel foundry I believe is also available through a quest but I can't find it listed at the moment ! Lol ! But you will come across both eventually .

Planks come from the Lumber Mill. You will have to complete certain quests before you can get this. The same with the Steel Foundry. Try a google search for the shipwreckedwiki site, it has very good information on how the game works and what quests you have to complete to get the different things you will need. The site hasn't been updated for a while but the core information is great and will help you. Hope this answers your question.


I need these things to build now and can't find them. I have above 6 places to build and can't build them without planks and steel.


Just be patient , and keep completing your quests , it will come up . Try working on all the quests you can , it may be next in line .

Ive completed all quests on list at times and still no foundery or lumbermill....i had found the star i needed but went back into game its gone and never found it again..😒

i hevent quest "make it cut", i am reached 48 lavel what i do? for lumber mill & steel foundary?

which lavel to come lumber mill quest?


The Lumber Mill asset is not level dependent. Please continue to play the game, and you should find the asset soon.