How do I open ship wrecked on another device from current statis?

Donna Wolf 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Lostgurlz 2 years ago 4

On main page of Lost Island forum is FAQ there in knowledge base you will find info regarding transferring the game to a new device. You will need to contact support to do it.


First of all install shipwrecked on new device , then go into settings on both games scroll down to help and support . Then click on device transfer . This will send an automated email to support who will then be able to pair up both devices . They will email you when it is complete , and give you instructions . Read these carefully .

I fully agree with Anne and I have done it twice this year. It can take 5-15 days to complete so be prepared to wait a bit.

I have gotten them done over night make sure you just give them your email from your account,thats the fastest way... they need all your info it's actually really fast when you give them the correct information the first time round