Our team needs you!!! Looking for a 4th player for weekly challenges

Glw12345 2 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated 2 years ago 7

Are you looking for an active team to join? We play the team challenges every week, we don't expect you to buy resources (unless you want to), we do our best to get in the top 100 & usually succeed. There is no pressure, we just ask that everyone do their best. We recently lost a member of our team and are looking for a new player to join us. If you would like to play weekly challenges as a member of our team please post your response here. :-)

Please let me know if you still need a 4th player...

Hi, yes we are still looking for a 4th and would be very happy for you to join us. I can send you a neighbour request if you confirm your user name for me please :-)

Thanks for getting back to me, it's ebonyfem

I've sent the neighbour request :-)

Hi Ebony, I see you haven't accepted my neighbour request, is there a problem? It would be lovely if we could have you join us for this weekend's challenge. I know my other 2 team mates are looking forward to welcoming u to our team.

I did not see the request until now, and I accepted. Thanks again! :-)

Welcome aboard, I will send u an invite to join our team for this weekend's challenge as soon as it is available and then you can 'meet' us all in the Team Chat. Talk soon :-)