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anne wilson 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated 2 years ago 9

since RockYou cut rewards for the season and rewards for the ghostship the amount of teams taking part in these challenges has dropped drastically and is still dropping .I took note of the amount of teams in the challenges the first week cuts were introduced and have taken note today when challenges ended .

Sw lost 5224 down to 1036 this week

Volcano 4465 down to 1187 this week

New world 4162 down to 1167 this week .

I'm asking RockYou once again to reconsider the cuts they have made to all the challenges as this is having a deep impact on the amount of teams participating .


I play Westbound, and since RockYou cut rewards for the season and rewards for our Weekend Team Challenges, the number of teams playing has dropped drastically. Phil Roberts (pjsroberts1968@gmail.com) posts on Westbound; Gold Rush and is also tracking a number of things... suggest you two chat!

I've made the same request you have (to RY) on the Westbound Forum... but apparently they don't care they are losing money/driving players to other games!


Thankyou for your input lionsram . I will see if I can get the stats for westbound from Roberto .

Thank you... keep me posted!


Hi lionsram , I have had reply from Phil but at this moment have decided to go ahead with just the shipwrecked stats and have made a plea to RockYou on behalf of everyone including westbound players . I have also notified them that I will keep this post updated on any replies , so the ball is in their court .

Lionsram , I won't put my email in forum for various reasons but do you have an email you could put up ?

Anne, I have it (LR@LionsRam.com) in my reply to Phil (4 weeks ago) in the Westbound Forum. Feel free to email me! LionsRam


support have passed on the notes to reduction in teams and also of people's concerns about the cuts made in rewards to the game developers , who will try to include more rewards in the game . We now wait for game developers to act .

Anne, here's hoping you have better luck than we've had with the game developers!

(If and) When RYs' game developers replies... please cut and paste their reply into this post for all to see.

Thanks, LR

I have emailed you lionsram , would you check and confirm you have received ?