Team Challenge: Treasure Diver

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Hello Islanders!

There’s a NEW Challenge! Start a team or join a random team and collect as many treasure as you can to win!

Your Current Challenge will begin tomorrow!

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this is my favorite contest. I would be happy but my game has not loaded all day. :(


Same here... help us out rock you


My goldrush wont open. Whats the deal


Ive had a lot of players on my teams affected by this , I think it is an ongoing problem that seems to be getting worse .

how do we get it addressed and fixed?


If people who have had problems post on here I will email and see if I can get it looked into . But RockYou will only act if it affects a lot of people .I know that on all games there is a problem with fishing challenge closing down I've had two team members in my teams alone affected this week .


I have just emailed Anna , because I know this is an ongoing problem but if people don't post in forum that they have had problems with challenge closing down etc , then I have no reference for them to look at and say yes there is a problem .


Anna has said the team will look at this issue , but if everyone who having problems could clear their devices as much as possible . I would suggest clearing caches in storage every day , not just game cache and also installed memory cleaners and uninstall unwanted apps . I think part of problem is that challenges such as raid fishing take up a lot of memory space and if it's not available on your devices it will shut down .