Example No.1 of things that shouldn't happen but do...!

phil roberts 2 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Admin-Anna 2 years ago 8

Rock You have recently implied that some players are thick and incapable of understanding numbers. More examples of things that look odd to some but "no issue" to rock you to follow after this the first of these mind draining examples!

Just look at the picture above which was taken first and look at my ("me") score and fathom out why it's going backwards when comparing it to the picture below. If you need further evidence to show the authenticity of these two shoots look at the number of teams playing which as it should, is increasing.

I can however report that so far as Rock you "customer service" is concerned there is no issue or problem, which is nice to know as it gives me reason to publish these non existent problems considering their replies to having numerous tickets being created!!

Many more strange things to follow across all the games on user echo to follow. Of course I could stop reporting such things if the light of wisdom occurs at Rock you.......so this is my question, will it ?

Have you considered it may be your internet causing this ? I had my games reverse points before and it was due to my internet device ............No slating me please . I'm just trying to help .


oh OK no slating... Spoilsport!! Yes I had considered this. Both upload and down load speeds are excellent. I've tried it here, I've tried it there I've bloody tried it everywhere yet it drops anything and everything without discrimination. Sometime it even changes which crop you've planted.... ! I've mentioned that I'm now on a OS 6.0 device previously 5.1 but those nice tech boffins at f**k you have been unable to replicate the issue. Maybe there not playing on 6.0 . anyway you need not concern itself with being beaten for a while, not from Me anyway !!!

Hmmm ! Any change in scoring this week Phil ?

As bad as ever, right across all the games.

Hi Phil, please confirm if the scores were reduced from 357 to 335? Did you try restarting the game? did the score update after restarting?


Both apply, either when exiting and then returning or even from clicking to the scoreboard twice within a couple of seconds the score reduces. It is specifically bad for produce and clear TC's but occurs on other types too.

I am both annoyed and supprised in this reply when your department has already stated that no problem has been experienced therefore no issue....

If this a change in your position, if so it is welcomed and I am happy to cease the hostile tone pending progress regarding this issue.

As I have said before, work with us (the players/customers.)

Hi Phil,

Thank you for the confirmation! We will request our developers to look into this issue.