How do I upgrade swashbucklers

LISA 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Admin-Anna 2 years ago 10

The game says I need to go to Sitka. But it also tells me in order to finish the game I need to upgrade Swashbucklers. How do I do this? There is no upgrade button anywhere that I can find.

I'm already on level 10. When I click the button that says I need to upgrade nothing happens.

Same thing has happened to me. How do you upgrade Swashbucklers.


Yes it looks like something has gone wrong here ! Lol ! It's the same for everyone !


Hi All,

We have reported the issue with the Stika location to the team. We will have this fixed soon. We appreciate your patience!


I need to upgrade too and have no idea how - I need Maui now.

We apologize for the issue casued in the game. Our team is working on this issue currently. We will have them fixed soon.

Same problem here and also with Westbound Gold Rush.

Please let us the issue you are facing in Gold Rush game. We are here to assist you

Hi All,

The issue with the Swashbuckler Cove has been fixed. Please relaunch the game to continue with the maps.