Team Challenge: Spice Dryer building regeneration time is too long at 45 minutes!!!!

Glw12345 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Admin-Anna 1 year ago 5

In this week's team challenge the spice dryer is regenerating in 45 minutes, this is far too long. Previously the spice dryer building took only 8 minutes. Please fix this problem asap so players can collect what they need for the challenge before it starts.

Send me your email address, to pjsroberts@hotmail.com.

it should be considered that although there is a 45 minute lead time, you do recieve 10 units upon harvesting.

I'd like to hear what Rock You have to say on the matter, this seems a strange length of time, no other building in a challenge ever takes this long regardless of the quantity of units. Why change it from the 8 minutes it used to be?

But you are getting 10 spices each time not 1 somyou don't need to harvest too much

We have shared your comments with the team. We will try to reduce the time required in future challenges.