How do i get courage

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Apart from following the hundreds before.... And leaving, you get courage from buying items of decor. Go to your shops and look for the subsection. A good hint is to look for those items with the highest amounts, however consider which items take one space (iso) and those that take 4 ISO's In other words its better buying decor that is 1 iso rated at 100 each that a 4 iso that gives 300.

You can earn more courage by placing more decors on the game arena. Do write to us if you have more questions about the game.

Is it really a good use of time Anna for you to reply to people's questions after someone/anyone has already answered the question ?

It was my idea in allowing Anne Wilson and myself to reply with queries such as these in the hope you would be able to take a more proactive role in more involved issues

If Anne Wilson mentioned this to you it would have been nice to received some kind of communication from you.

Our team are working on the ongoing issues. We will have them fixed soon.

which specific issues are being worked on ? I'm sure you can understand the reason behind the question.

Our team is working the issues that are being reported on daily basis. We will have all of them fixed soon.

Thankyou Anna , we appreciate the work support do :)

I'm quite sure "you" (singular) do Anne, However I notice the absence of a reply to my question. I feel justified in speaking for the many frustrated players when greeted with this response and not assuming everyone appreciates the "support" if any is actually recieved.

What specific issues are currently being worked on, at this time?

As a supplement, regarding the many outstanding tickets logged in the last 5 months, can i assume "soon" is the best i can hope for?

Hi Phil,

Our team is working all the issue that were raised in the game. We will have them fixed soon.