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anne wilson 1 year ago in General Discussion • updated 10 months ago 9

anna , please would you ask the game developers to reinstate energy in the season rewards . I've been asked by many people to have this looked into . So please can we have the energy back ?

Yes, please put energy back in the season rewards.  Those back to back energy challenges you just hit us with gutted us.  Thanks.

Energy is always needed. It should be a part of our rewards.

We have shared your comments with the team. We will work on adding energy as rewards in future. 


Im disappointed that my request for energy to be reinstated in season rewards has fell on deaf ears . I've lost a team member because of this issue .


The team is still working on this. We will try to bring the energy back as rewards. 


Anne, you seem to under the impression that "Anna" and "the developers" are two entirely different entinities. May i suggest that at this stage wisdom would dictate that this is not the case.  

All this time you've been attempting mostly in vain with hundreds maybe thousands of other players to change the game for the best by suggesting (or telling) these muppets where they're going wrong. 

The answer recieved on this specific issue is the standard reply. but for those in need of more precise translation let me entertain you.......

"We have shared your comments with the team". 

Actual meaning:  weve kinda mentioned it but we know nothing is going to happen let stand around the water cooler for a while playing with plastic cups! 

"We will work on ." 

means we might walk away from said cooler and mumble something in the general ear shot of the photocopying engineer before returning to the water cooler for some more heavy cup on cup action!

"adding energy as rewards in future" 

after some heavy plastic cup petting and returning from a much needed nicotine based stress busting inhailing session, This means "We" (I or Anna) know youve got no chance of this so lets givea totally non-committal answer in the hope the plebs dont give me more grief..

If Anna genuinely believed that this both "could" be and more unlikely "would" be done then the answer would be along the lines of, "I've been upstairs, I've had a rant (on behalf of all the remaining players) they've said no but i have grabbed them by the company scrotum, squeezed very hard indeed and forced a concession that energy would return to the rewards package, oh by the way I really am different from the monosalabic droids firing off non committial replies!" that would mean something.

Nice to be back, enjoying Farmville Tropic Escape but only one thing missing, the constant droning from dis-satisfied CUSTOMERS who not given up the game yet in the bitter, twisted & misguided hope things will get better!

Fuckity Bye 


Thats where you are wrong Roberto , I work very well with Anna sorting many issues for people on these challenges . I wish you well in your new game . And my dearest wish for you is that one day you will come in forum and be nice to me and others . You are a very bitter person .


Support , Anna , zeui , Pam . Do we have any word from bosses yet on reinstating the energy on sw lost season rewards ?  I'm not a pushy person , as you can see I've waited 4 months for request to be put to bosses , please can we have an update ? .............annewils

Ive had an update from support , they are tweaking game at moment but energy will be restored in near future .