Treasure diver challenge

anne wilson 10 months ago in General Discussion • updated 10 months ago 3

This week's treasure diver challenge was played for around 40 hours with major faults in it . The streaks did not work which drastically affected the scores from the power ups . The fact that it ran for 40 hours without correcting goes against what I'm told about challenges and tables being monitored during challenges , and I am asking the Rockyou bosses to put support staff on when challenges are in progress and I think that everyone who took part in this challenge should be compensated as a good will gesture from Rockyou .

   Regards ,annewils.

I was so frustrated. No streaks or energy boosts or swords. I usually LOVE this challenge and use it for swords build up for the month. Instead I am out about 120 swords (not counting what I would have earned) and 26 energy cells. I feel like we should be reimbursed and this challenge should not count.


We sincerely apologize for the trouble caused during the challenge. We will consider your suggestion, and monitor the challenge over the weekend more intensively. 


Thankyou zieu , and I've just been informed by support that if anyone who took part in the faulty treasure diver challenge emails support you will be awarded energy as compensation . It won't be much but I think this shows a good will gesture from the Rockyou bosses . You can quote my name in your email and say you are emailing for the energy to be added to your account ........annewils