Setting up a team for this weeks challenge

Marrtian 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by lunardawn702 3 years ago 8
Has anyone got any tips for setting up a team this week?  Last week I was scrolling through my list and it was inviting everyone instead of letting me select a specific person.  Also I accepted an invite from a team member but ended up on a different team, so how did that happen?   Can you deselect a team member or union a team?

Hi m that's a good one but a hard one not sure myself but am thinking when you get to the spot were it gives you your neighbor's some have ticks looks like the once without are already taken so pick from the neighbors ticked but if i remember rightly that will take you to a screen that displays the rest of the TM if any now a got lost think there is now an option to join or not 
Thanks magnat. Just got notification that this week's challenge is on.  I can scroll through my neighbours without inviting them all this week.
Scrap that just invited everyone again! This game can be sooooooo frustrating at times !!!
Me to but dose anybody know what cheer is
I think the cheer is spirit
Marrtian I sent you invite. The invite screen is awful and invites anyone it wants to! See X's post.

The cheer is spirit. Look at the first screen on challenge. It shows spirit. 
The definition of Cheer is how happy your island is (remember the blue face?)