Meet your Neighbor!

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Hi Islanders,

Are you looking for a new neighbor? Not to worry, this topic is for you to find a new neighbor. 

Post your Kiwi Community ID here to meet a new neighbor!

Note: This topic will be kept open always. You can visit this topic to find a new neighbor.

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Would love active neighbor
sending you invite
look forward to meeting you! 
My kiwi id is Angel1961 and i need a lot of neighbours so please send an invité and i Will accept 
Angel lots of angels  but not 1961 
Now i finally have Some neighbours i can not vissit them .by Some iT takes a verry long time to vissit and afther i have vissit 2 or 3 my game stands still i see THE screen of the flight to THE next Neighbour and than nothing afther a few minutes my game stops 
does anyone know what to do?
Hi and what happened is you have not got the storage  space but between  me and bee 🐝 we figured it's  the ram if you only have a small amount then your trying to download  a island lots bigger  than yours it will not fit a foud out on my own
Domain tablet 💊 that if I visited one at a timeit would let me visit all but one now i have 3gb of ram I can visit that island  and see Why it's  massive so till you ever get a new device or get more ram 🐏 I am afraid you will just have to try one at a time ⌚ 
I am playing on an iPad 3 i don,t think that THE problem is that i don,t have inough ram .
i first played this game on a cheap Android tablet and i never had any trouble vissiting neighbours
It's not the price, Anda. If your tablet has less than 2 RAM you'll have problems to visit high leveled Islands.
I have now a Lenovo tablet for € 199,00 - but it has 2 RAM and I have no issues at all anymore.
Before I played on HTC device (for € 598,00) with less than 1 RAM and  with every higher level the problems raised.
At the end  I hardly could play.
I dont know how much RAM your ipad has.

Sometimes you can't visit islands for other reasons, too.
Probably because of the different systems Android and IOS ?
Most people play Android, I guess.

Good luck, Anda!
Hi anda  I also have ipad air but stopped  playing on ios  as it only gives  you 1/2 the game  no  team challeng no atlanter  no air balloon  🎈 and most of the  things worth having  you pay gold for but a don't  have a problem visiting  neighbours 
Hello I'm Shaunta6 level 207 looking for neighbors. Also need 1 teammate so if you scored 4000 or more last challenge and you're looking for a team plz invite me. 
Shauna, I sent you a neighbor invite. I'm already on a team for challenges but sure you will find a tm! Also have 2 more spots available for neighbors if anybody is in need! My id is tigger4u
Shauna Yes i scored more then 4000 my id is homersvill if you want to add me as a neighbor
I to am looking for new friends. I love the TC .  Can't find enough friends to play.. If you send to me then I send to you 
I'm new to game. Where do I find the bee hive so that I can start the tc. I love playing games like this. But I don't have a lot of money to spend on it. Dailey player. Add me as u r neighbor.
Gloria send me a request and I'll gladly accept your request. My I'd is Rskbuznes. :)
I also have an opening..send me a request and will gladly accept! tigger4u
Level 47. Mostly active player. Need good neighbors. I have ended up being only one active in TC too often (tried random and they didn't help, and invites went unanswered). If I join a TC I play it. :) ID xgxuxy. I do suck at that last type of challenge tho, but I tried. (I don't buy energy)
We  have a spot open. Will send request
Have spot open on Tc send request and will add kiwi name is livngdoll
My team needs a new fourth player for TCs. A teammate quit playing due to energy challenges. I'm level 147. We usually rank under 70 in TCs.
  • If you like please add me, id trunglk. I'll try my best but i'm weak at cakes and pies :) cause i don't have swords. Otherwise i think i can catch up with your team
When I started I just joined random teams but they were all sleepers, I usually play with one other person but that's not a guarantee every week so sometimes I've had to play alone.I'm level 65 play every day and even when it's just the 2 of us we finish under 200.  I'm looking for 1 or 2 to join us.   My I'd is: LRoller12
Looking for a few neighbors that r active.I send gifts almost everyday.I think I'm on level 195.I play all the time lol.Probably OCD.Also looking for a good teammate to play TC.I have 3 good players.We try hard but really not buying energy much.Doesn't matter if ur not a high player as long as u help.Can look me up using darlenejmosley@gmail.com.
Need one tm to fill a very active team level not important resource not that important all we ask is you put in the time ⌚ that's very important one tm is sick at the moment so I am just fillino in as reserve and will step down 👇 when the team is full again we hit 14 this week with just 3 players  if your  interested send neighbours Invite and let me know 
Looking for active neighbours, add me username craigylane.
Hi al missing tm been in touch so sorry may not need you but if you send neighbours invite will keep  you in mind 
New to the game but I'm hooked. Looking for active neighborhood. Will clean house of deadbeats for some high level players. Would like to check out 100+ islanders, if for no ther reason but to get ideas. Wish shipwrecked had an open house. This is day11 for me and my island so far is clean and tidy. Would love some insight on what to do with it. Played the last two challenges with sleepers. Would like to change that. Apence2015 or bigapence@gmail.com
You can send me good luck 🍀
hi, I just sent you an invite! I've been playing a while, but only just found the forums, so I'm just learning a lot of things too :) let's have fun and learn together!
You can send me an invite..welcome to the game and hold on
Sure will, the only thing that popped up was tigger4u2. Is that you?
Wow, that's big! Why so many multiples, team challenges? How do ya clear so much land?

Yep..been at it for awhile now!! The reason for multiples..it helps you accumulate silver, xp and spirit..and you need ALL of them. When you purchase a building, deco, etc, it shows you how much of each you will get and how long it takes to regenerate. So it's very helpful to go and collect your island as much as you can.
And it took A LOT of swords to clear that much land..I do buy the cheaper packages that have more swords if I need them but haven't bought any in awhile! It takes time to get that far into the game, just like any game, so be patient and soon you will have a well-decorated island. I need to get back to mine and redecorate, move some things around, since it's been awhile since the last time I did it and I have a spot on my island that has a pile of deco I bought but have never placed it anywhere..lol!
Hi t4u and Jan have you both got back to normal after all the spam last week as I am still getting no emails this was the last that came from forum can you let me know thanks
Weird, I was in process of answering you & my system shut down! Yes I am getting them again but not until I unblocked kiwi and userecho from the spam box in my gmail! I also had to go into my userecho account & reset the entire notification process! It took a little while to get all of the notifications restarted! Try those things & if it doesn't work send kiwi a email! Let me know what happens!
Clarification, I've received NO spam! Back to normal as I posted earlier! Just explained what I had to do to get it started again! Sorry if it sounded like I was getting spam! Thankful to say NO Spam!
Hi everyone, I'm Met, and I'm level 35, but feel like a complete newbie! I only just found the forums, and I realize I have a lot of work to do decorating and such. I also participate in the team challenges as much as I can and would love to finally have an active dedicated team! Please add me and let's be friends!

Edit: whoops, lol, I forgot to put my name in here, my kiwi name is catmommy7!
i don't know if your still looking but i have sent you a friend request....
Alright, you guys are awesome and I appreciate you letting me check out your islands but I've got an issue... Some of your islands are so big that it's locking my phone up.(Galaxy S5) Not only that but since I neighbored some of you, quest that I complete are showing that I didn't. I bought a package of 120 swords and found one item, when there was more than a dozen to find. AND several of the my buildings are blacked out. I'm gonna give my decision a little time to see if any of you guys have other suggestions but this week this game became more frustrating than fun. I sent kiwi support an email to inform them of the issue but I haven't heard anything.... I apologize if I have to drop you but just know that it has been a broadening experience to have made your acquaintance.
  • No problem, a lot of people have issues with big islands having trouble loading. It shouldn't be locking up your quests, but then, I'm not sure. It's been great having you as a neighbor!
Hey Book good to see you hope things are well.
Hi, thank you! Doing OK. Family has been ill.
No problem Andy, The reason why your phone locks up when you visit the big islands is because you don't have space. When you visit an island you need to have space on your island that will load not only your island but the island you are visiting. If you have a smaller island you are going to have problem visiting bigger islands if the bigger islands don't have space on their island. It is a loading issue and a memory issue that Kiwi has still yet to take care of. I know it sounds crazy but it isn't.
I have a really big island and when I go to visit one of my neighbors it takes longer to load because their island is full of stuff and they don't have space. I have the space to load their island but you won't have the space to load it so it freezes.
It use to happen to me all of the time.
If your buildings are blocked out it is because the data isn't loading you need to send an email to support sad to say and good luck with that and let them know.
Send me an email at ksbierman@gmail.com and I can explain it in more detail.
As far as your quests go, send an email to support visiting and island will not lock up your quests. But if you don't have the memory it will.
Do you clear your RAM and cache before loading the game? Send me an email and let me know when you send it because I don't check that email.
Hi all i'm looking for friends in this game but i don't know how can i add friend in this game
plz tell me :(
On ur island there will b a place on the right u can click.It pulls up the icon to move things around on ur island, setting icon another one and the give and receive gifts icon.Press the one where u can do gifts then it will show neighbor request, gift request and something.Press neighbor request and then u can accept someone's request or u can invite someone to b ur neighbor.Good luck
Hi. New to the forums and had to start my game over. Need neighbors, my id is mroth3315.

Hello, Melanie Roth, mroth3315, I am Shortydog, I sent you an invite to be my neighbor, hope to see you aboard.
I need neighbors please. Also i have no idea how to send invites. Please add me.
Hey Myriah, go to the little arrow on the bottom right, tap, then tap the people, then tap kiwi neighbors this will let you add your neighbors, I will add you to mine, if I find you,
New to this game and how to get neighbors etc... Help
Go to your right corner there is an arrow, tap then tap the people, go to kiwi neighbors, and choose your neighbors
Im searching for neighbors :)
my id is rcaroe:)
Hi, i'm searching neighbours who's active in team challenges, i have Master rank in current season, in Volcano Island. Plz. send me request.
Hey all... looking for some neighbors who are active and competitive in team challenges ... my team fell apart... anyone need a 4th?

StrawHatLua, please add me. I don't have any neighbors...


add me... Frequent player, sends gifts! Ejc9121

I need neighbors. Please add me! I play every day.

Hello need neighbors I'd name is Jenvas71, new to the game not sure how to ad

Hi! I need active neighbours.ID: Petra1979