I noticed this also.  Can you tell me if you're score dropped to what you got in the rock challenge?  My rock challenge score hasn't been added yet so I'm wondering if they are resetting everyone's score  to the first time they played in the seaside season, and then they can add in the additional scores
Happened to me also.  Ranked now on rock challenge score alone.  Moved from 311 to 1145.  Haven't added the two scores together yet for correct rank.  Computers are suppose to do math really well!  Lol
I went from 5 to 1146. It is only showing my rock challenge. Not the starfish score. What a mess!!!!
I lost my starfish score too, the other members in my team get  their starfish score - if  the team page tells the truth...
Same here, I wasn't on new screen for Rock Challenge but was for Star fish, I had already sent Kiwi Questions about score issues prior to this morning, they haven't acknowledged the email yet, this morning I opened SW to find 2000+ points drop. Was shocked!!  But went in  & looking at TC score for Rock on & that's what my score is showing. Took away Star Fish points! Don't get it but we are all in same Boat, lol 
I think everyone is being reset to rock challenge score so that we can all have our scores ranked in the right place and then they can add the starfish scores back in. 
let's hope so. It has been a mess. I worked awfully hard to be in 1151 place.
Frustrated. hope they fix it. Makes no sense seeing as how yesterday it was fine....786 or thereabouts I was listed and this morning I've dropped to 2600 and something....yet my team members remained......not a happy camper
I am not a happy camper either. I went from 5 to 1151. Huge drop. I crafted over 1800 starfish. So I shouldn't be so low. It is like I did it for nothing.
I am so glad to see I am not the only one freaking out!  I thought it would be corrected after today's update but no such luck!!  Hopefully KIWI will get it fixed before next challenge! 
I emailed kiwi about the scores and was told they are on holiday until Oct 6 so I do not expect this issue to be resolved any time soon! This is very disappointing! 
Thank you Kiwi for finally updating score and the explanation. Score will be based on team effort and then individual effort added at end of season. Thank you!!!! Now I  understand.
Tam,  can you repost this in the other chats.  There are lots of disgruntled players about this confusion, if only kiwi would make a public announcement. 
Hello all, 
The scores for team and individual are correctly updated based on the performance in Team challenge. 
Apparently we are not currently getting every point during the seaweed challenge bc I've done 20 St a time for 20+ times and was never received them nor fid I for 1,4,9,&20!  Why? We pay for accuracy but yet don't feel we are getting what we pay for! Please investigate and fix appropriately!
So if you are only one In team doing anything you lose points bc the other team mates aren't holding up their end? Can you please explain why you don't get 1 seaweed for 1 harvested, 4 for 4  of for our and 20 for 20? It seems I'm pouring a lot of money into this game to be losing it faster than I can blink.....I think your "calculations are for your benefit and not to benefit of your players....not happy!!! please send email to bubbablue9404@yahoo.com.....As I hardly ever get to same forum twice.. thanks...
What total score ardent you referring to - the season or the seaweed challenge ?  My that that I produced is faulty !! It takes my spirit & silver and the total kept on changing.  I am still 680 short of my production tally.  It was happening to me the last 2 challenges so have kept a handwritten tally this tImelda - slower but I have proof!   I have got the usual reply closed for the weekend!!!

I noticed that when I make a lot very fast, then stop and check my score, if I wait a few minutes and check again it would be higher. Seems it just takes a few minutes for their servers to catch up with us.