i have lost my entire game and it has started over

Judy Owen Irrera 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Jan 2 years ago 20
I try to get into my game which I have spent a lot of money on, and I start at the very beginning.  How do I retrieve my game.
I hope you can get a response from kiwi! I had sent a question & was informed it will be Monday as they are closed for holiday on Friday! That's awful you lost everything! So sorry!
Holy crap...I hope they give you a response, did you send a message through your game?  Try that and maybe if you clear your data that might work.  Omg I hope it works
I have no game accept a new game from scratch
The game started over from ground zero when I logged in.  I am upset.  They owe me game or money.
Hope you get things sorted out and hope they are faster at it then with mine 
I hope you get it sorted. A lot of time, and effort goes into this game. 
Hi Judy, 

Not to worry, email the Support team and your old account will be restored.
What is their work hours? I emailed them Friday afternoon and they just sent an email saying they'll get back to me on Monday morning? What time zone are they in?
Kiwi is located in California, usa and another office in India. 
Then why couldn't they have helped me Friday afternoon!!!!!
When are their working hours? what time zone?  
I am letting my team down by not playing the challenge!!!
I have been trying for three days to transfer my shipwreck to a new device and nothing is work. If someone could help me out with this problem I would appreciate it very much  Thank You Gary

did you get a reply to this issue? I upgraded to a new phone and my game didn't transfer, just the application did.

If anyone  can help please email me at tinyone3405@gmail.Com or call me at 864-318-6146 Thank You and have a bless day

Having a problem get my game that was active. Tried to reinstall and now I'm starting over. Want my original game back. How do I go about this.

you have to contact support from your device so they get the information they need to transfer. You cannot do this on your own

is it through the game where it says help and support?

What is the contact info?

Not anymore! Go under about us and tap on the game name @rockyou.zendesdk.com, for example gold rush is goldrush@rockyou.zendesk.com so i would think it would be newworld instead of goldrush! Good luck!

Above where it says HELP AND SUPPORT you tap on ABOUT US, not help & support, under about us you should see 2 email addresses, since you are in new world you should see newworld@rockyou.zendesk.com on the 2nd line, tap on that & it should take you into the email to send them a request! I'm a player not a support person. So I hope this helps you out! Good luck!