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Not receiving silver bonus

Marrtian 3 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Karen Bierman 3 years ago 48
Just noticed that I'm not getting my silver bonus.  I've still got 22 hrs left for the etrxa bonus. Please will you look into this and and I've me what I've should have been awarded.  Thank you very much
So I logged out and back in again and now I'm getting the bonus. I would very much appreciate it if you could check when exactly this afternoon I stopped getting the bonus, and give me what I should have got. Thank you very much
I had same thing last TC & was told it was paying correctly! I told kiwi "no it was not, but I wasn't going to argue about it! Pay out was 125% silver! Well it's happening again for 2nd time in a row & also to another teammate! So yeah Kiwi you can't tell everybody they're wrong! I feel for you and at least your getting some back! I didn't & likely still won't! Good luck!
Just collected chariot wheel from atlantis and it only gave me 100 silver so I definitely didn't get the 100% bonus.  I've cleared my data.
I have noticed it all week long has been correct on some wrong on other buildings. Makes me mad when I am trying to build while bonus is there!
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It also happened to me last TC. No bonus all week when I earned 300%. The rest of my teammates received their bonus. Kiwi credited me 2000 silver. I have a big island, and I get that much from just a corner of it, with no bonus. When I told them how much I should have earned, based on the amount I did earn, their response was to "send it to their developers," a convenient way for them to avoid addressing the problem further. They did not credit any more silver to my account, nor do I expect them to do so because that is the way kiwi operates. At least I seem to be getting the bonus this week (so far.)
Marilyn, I don't blame you for keeping your expectations low.  That is shameful that they didn't reward you properly.
Just noticed that I am not getting the silver bonus either. Been busy with the challenge & didn't realize it before. What's up with that? 
 hi  all don't forget theres a limit set on the bonus now witch we never had before this new set up if you think you have
You cone over your limit report it now
I didn't know there was a limit.  What is the limit? Also I wanted to report the issue from the game, but wasn't sure which category to choose is it  a loading, freeze, device transfer, purchase or quest issue?
Hey Mag What do you mean there is a limit?  When did that occur?  I don't remember a post setting a limit and who do I have to email to find out if I am over my limit and what is the limit and where do I find this information?  A Limit?  That is Bull!  Why are they setting limits?
Magnat, how do you know this?  Did Kiwi state this somewhere?  
Hi M, I just sent in a lengthy bug report about not getting my silver bonus. Have you seen it yet cuz I didn't see a send verification and it disappeared! 
Yes I gave it a thumbs up
No not seen it l and dont except. To this seems to be the way of dealing with problems on this new site mark it complete or just press a button and puff it's gone L try again later and so will i kiwi need to know we will not give up so easy 
Here's another issue that broke this camel's back!  This is what ticked me into that letter--PLEASE tell me that I am not the only one to notice that the times for some trees (the popular ones, I add) to harvest has drastically changed! This will so hinder new and lower level players!
I hadn't noticed that, but now you've made me check you're right.  Acali trees now take 8 hours not 6 and banana trees now take 5 mins not 30 seconds.  What are they trying to do to us?
Acai has always said 8 hours and banana 5 min in my store, I just testharvested, banana still 30 sec, a ai still 6 hours. Times are wrong in store.
MJ, good news... the times in the store are a total of watering time and regenerate time.  So for the Acai Tree, since its watering time is 6 hours and its regenerate time is 2 hours, it displays in the Shop as 8 hours.

More times for the trees can be seen here:  Shipwrecked Wiki: Trees  

Edited to say:  Kiwi hasn't changed any of the tree watering times.  And as far as I can remember, that is how they have always been displayed in the Shipwrecked Shop.
I am meek, mild and easygoing. But this is beyond tolerable! Has anyone figured out what the real dollar amount that even the lowest helper costs in gold? Then increase each of the remainder (there are 7) that you can't "win" nor get in quests that they are introduced in as some "other" games do?
Under review
Hi All,

Please email at support-sw@kiwiup.com and our Support team will be able to look into your account and assist you further on any missing Silver bonus.
If i had a gold bar for every email I sent to support regarding not getting my silver bonus i would be able to get every house that costs gold and still have gold.  I have emailed support a few times and of course i get the same response.   A ticket has been opened.   Yippee another ticket opened.  Just FIX it.  My lord don't you think we have already emailed support
I thought I did email support?
I did last time Kiwi! Only to be told it was correct!! really!!!
I sent email through my game, but the issue doesn't fit under he catergories listed
I sent one under quest problems and technical I think.  I didn't care which category I used I sent two different emails under two different categories.
I did the last tc when I was supposed to be getting 125%, only to be told I was being paid the reward's correctly! This past Tc did the same thing when I was only getting 50% reward's! Each time as soon as the TC started the reward's stopped paying again! This time Heyit's (screen name) one of my teammates had the same issue! Kiwi, I finally was able to purchase pkg through Google wallet and I had to do it 2 times just to support my team because my candy corn tree's weren't regenerating as they were supposed to! I had little choice but use spirit wildly in order to harvest all tree's! Tc was overkill to start with and using absurd amounts of spirit to be able to craft and harvest was an added loss of resources! Losing silver rewards & purchase of the two Specials packages are tearing me down! I am torn between dumping the game or keep letting it frustrate me just so I can keep my kiwi friends and as I have told you prior, I am disabled and this game is great way to keep my mind off the pain and the way I am forced to live! $900.00 a month to live on is nothing! So the money I spent was a lot of giving up on the essentials to live! So please as a last resort correct the wrong with the replacement of lost resources and I will change my rating of this game back! It hurt to post a bad rating on the site as I loved the game and want it back to playing fair! Please!!
Hey Jan,
I know how you feel.  I have to live on $933.00 a month and whatever side work I can get in between.  I agree, please Kiwi bring back the fair play.
Thanks! I am not able to do anything without risking my life!  My life is a bit more than I can deal with at times! So I have to try taking my mind off the things I can't do ever again!  This is why I am so sad that I have to beg for fairness! The last 7 yrs has been about the unfair way I he to live!  Yes I am alive, but the cost has been a high price for No quality of life! Sorry but I had to say it!
also have you noticed during a TC it costs more spirit to finish something else like if I have 30 min left on a quest item that has Nothing to do with the TC it still costs over 165 spirit? when the rest of the week it would be like 85 spirit
Jan sorry and i do feel for y!ou i have lots of problems too that i won't go into as begging just not my thing and i do feel disabled or fit young or old rich or poor we all deserve to be treated fairly and and not be lied to or mislead 
Interesting will watch out for that 
Yes I noticed that and was not happy about it at all.
I have emailed Kiwi about the silver bonus also but they only sent an notice that a ticket has been opened. How many people have to email support until they realize that this thing is wide spread?
Don't you think we have already emailed support.  If we got a different response other than a ticket has been opened than maybe we wouldn't have to post it here.  Which also brings me to the question of why do we have a forum for problems that occur if you keep telling us to email support?
Which leads me to this: 
Here is the email that I sent to Kiwi to in response to the stupid ticket that has been opened:

Dear Kiwi Support,

I acknowledge that a ticket has been opened and that I have emailed you several times regarding not getting my silver bonus. As I took 26 minutes out of my day to add up just my Atlantis bonus that I did not get it came to 696,276 in coin I did not receive over a 7 day period. And that is just for Atlantis and I missed a three buildings. On that note not including the rest of my island, which I have a pretty big island though not as big as some, I estimate that since only half my island received the silver bonus and Atlantis was included in that half, I estimate that you robbed me of around 1,367,268 coin. And that is a low estimate.

On that note since a ticket has been opened you can kindly credit me 1,367,268 on a low average and we can call it day. How about that? I would appreciate a response other than a ticket has been opened.

Thank You.

You can use it if you want to.  I really did add up most of my Atlantis and came up with those figures.  They are based on harvesting four times a day for 7 days.  Like it says a LOW estimate because I really do have a big island but I am not going to take the three hours to calculate how much coin I was robbed of.  That is their job.
Hi Karen,

With regards to any issue about Silver bonus, I'd suggest to contact Support team since it requires your account verification for further assistance.
I did contact the support team a couple of times and here is their response:

What am I supposed to do about this?
So here you go everyone, I emailed support and their response was this:

Hi there,
The silver bonus was working perfectly fine. We have had it tested. Also, we cannot test the bonus now as it has expired. For this challenge, you will be getting the spirit bonus.

So according to the support team there was no problem with the silver bonus and it was working perfectly.
You can see the attached screen shot below in my response to RTS.
I got the same response. This is so frustrating. 
Well at least it's still under review.  Of course that could stay like that for a while just to make us think they are actually reviewing it.  The response from support says they aren't reviewing anything.
Hi All,

During the last week's challenge we did randomly check for few users and the silver rewards were being credited. If you notice the same with the spirit boost, please immediately email us at support-sw@kiwiup.com , so that we will be able to test it.
If the issue occurs during the team challenge is there someone available to check? As you usually go on holiday at that time.
Um Hi Admin, Anna, I have emailed you twice.  I know for a FACT that I did not get my silver bonus for any of my Atlantis buildings, my debtors prisons, my yin and yang, and all four of my Mosaic.  Am I going to get credited for the silver I lost?  I emailed support, you are closed on the weekends. so what is one to do when you say that it can't be tested because it is over?
To add, I sent a response to the email that I received with this link to the forum so that support (Anna) could see that I was not the only having a problem.   
Hey, so I talked to Google apps and opened a ticket for a Complaint for not getting the coin bonus that I should have gotten and for the lies that support has stated.  If you want to call the app store and open a ticket of your own, the phone number is 1-855-836-3987.  Mag, this especially applies to you because you have been waiting three or four weeks for your stuff to work.  Google Apps take it very seriously that the developers are not supporting the players.  If they do not support the players and fix the problems then the app could be suspended or yanked.  This would be bad as it doesn't look good on a resume to have your app yanked.  So everyone should call and inform the app store of their particular issue with support.  If you want to.