Seaside Seasons

Game Gal 4 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Xanthor 4 years ago 16
Will  we get an explanation of the Seaside Seasons challenge screen s & how it all works? 
If you press the trophy tab it will give you info.
Thank you! Helpful information! (:>}
Pressing trophy doesn't explain how it all works. Like me, many people are just speculating how it's suppose to work. No explanation from kiwi. I just moved to 18th today, so how are we suppose to stay on top when we can drop days after the tc ends. I still think seaside season should be an individual reward. If the top 3 teams stick together the whole month then 2 team members won't get the top prize. As you can see we need kiwi to explain these new updates so everyone is on the same page.
My team only has 1 person with points but all 4 of us have played together for a while.  I guess if you got the update for the last challenge you got points but if not then you're out of luck. 
My rank keeps on dropping.  It's quite discouraging when myself and one other tm gave it our all. There were only three to our team and the third only contributed 22 pts. Please kiwi- explain the TC!!
Hi, what i understand from Kiwi is that we all get our points.
when you played TC last week in old format then you will get your score within a few days. They working hard to get there. I think that you drop in ranking is because more people are added.
Thanks.  I kinda figured it would work that way or at least hoped so.
I never had the update before last weeks TC so my score is 0.  Yesterday a timer started with 24d left
Beeflowers team this is the new site I figured out how to log in
I still don't get how it all works I mean the rankings... I've created more stations than some on my team but indiviual.ranking is lower! But our team ranking is right its strange
I know that if several have the same ranking, they are listed alphabetically. But I don't understand why I am at the same ranking as a team member who crafted less than 500 starfish stations, when I have crafted well over 4000.
I suspect the answer  is in the max points listed by the amount of spirit in the tc screen or the rank screen
I still only have rock challenge points. Where is this weeks points?!?!?
Ever since upgrading to level 2 I complete guppy for the tanks or stars and receive no points let it sit for a day and still nothing for building stuck at 8366 I've built tons and no movement
Len, you won't. The tc hasn't started yet. You need upgrade make coral wait for tc to start. No one gets points til tc starts and we form our teams..... 
The new seaside season menu needs to have a button to repeat the walkthrough. Even though it doesn't explain all, I noticed when its closed it never reappears and many need it for reference. I'm figuring the unknown out and will post after first season is over.