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Hello All,

I'm sure you all have questions related to scoring and ratings related to Team Challenge. We were able to list down the possible questions you might have with answers to them. Here they are.......

1)  How is the season score calculated ?

For every challenge, we're giving 2 rewards, a boost reward and a rating reward. In general only top 2000 teams get the rewards for a challenge. The teams fall into tiers for the challenge based on their rank.

The rating given to a user depends on his team rank for the challenge. The user gets (max rating for tier - overall team rank) rating for the challenge.

Example: Team ranks 1-3 -> 10000 rating max (tier 1 for the challenge)
Team ranks 4-10-> 8500 rating max (tier 2 for the challenge)

Lets say there's a team with A,B players and the team rank for the challenge is 5. Then they'll both get 8500-5 = 8495 rating increase. The season rating for the user is sum of all the ratings he gets from each challenge.

The information as to how ratings are calculated is shown to users when he/she clicks any tier for challenge (2nd tab in the consolidated popup).

2) How are they ranked?  On what basis are user's assigned to a particular tier?

Based on the ratings the users get from challenges, they're given ranks for the season. For season, the user falls into tier based on his rank.

For the current season, Seaside Season the tiers are as follows

tier 1 - COMMODORE - ranks 1-10
tier 2- FIRST MATE - ranks 11-25 and so on

This informations is shown to users on the tiers for seasons (1st tab in the consolidated popup).

3) How are they rewarded?

There are rewards for each challenge and at the end of season as well.

4) How are season rewards calculated?

At the end of season, users get rewards based on tier in which they belong.

tier 1 - COMMODORE - ranks 1-10 - 30 axe, 50 gold, 240000 cheer
tier 2- FIRST MATE - ranks 11-25 - 15 axe, 25 gold, 200000 cheer and so on

The current season, the first season ends on Oct 20th and they'll get the rewards after that.

5) Why is the season score different for the team mates?

There can be 2 reasons.

1. For each challenge the users can form different teams. The rating that's shown is the sum of ratings that a user has got from all challenges in the season. The current team members may not be the team members for all the challenges

2. We give the rating reward for the current challenge, when the challenge is going on as well and not just at the end of the challenge. During the challenge the ratings for the users can increase/decrease based the performance of all other teams. For the users who're playing the game the ratings get updated based on their team rank immediately. For the users who're offline the ratings get updated when they launch the game. At the end of challenge all the users in the team get the same rating.

6)  Why is that user's move higher and lower in the tiers. Why does user's season score keep changing during the challenge?
We give the rating reward for the current challenge, when the challenge is going on as well and not just at the end of the challenge. During the challenge the ratings for the users can increase/decrease based the performance of all other teams. Based on the ratings user's rank for the season changes and will move up/down the tiers.

7) Why don't user's get they get the rewards that they are promised. (the tier that they are assigned to). When will I receive the season rewards?

Season rewards are credited at the conclusion of each season.
If you still have any other queries, kindly email at support-li@kiwiup.com for further assistance.
but why do your personal over all points go down when you keep making more of the object? 
I ran out of silver and spirit before the end of TC,  why is my personal score dropping.  Admin, please explain to us how that scoring is made and kept. What makes it go up and what makes it decrease? Thank you very much!
But why does the team member that contributes very little get to be on the same level?  Eg.  3/4 team mates make 300 and 4th makes 5.  Can you reward those that work hard to encourage those that don't.  I've been on both sides of this fence and sometimes I've been a team of 1 making more than 600, but my team of 1 hard worker ends up being ranked lower than the team member who made 5 in a team of hard workers that carried him to a high level.
If I understand this correctly there had to be at least 2 people on a team to be considered a team? Also I think I am hearing that no matter what a team scores overall, the sleeper's (I had carried previously) reaped the benefit of our hard labor! To add insult to injury our invite screens for the season is purposely inviting all our sleeping neighbor's!! Why???? Also in the final minute of urchin cove the time stopped short by at least 15-20 seconds! My last 2 was urchin's were left out of the count, we dropped from 99-100 range to 101... Coincidence, hmmm!!!!!
@ Cyvanlin2, suppose your team is ranked 15 and you all go to sleep. You get up first and log in. While you slept, 5 teams pass you so you are rank 20. Your score updates when you log in, so your score drops 5 points but your teammates are not logged in yet so their score doesn't drop until they log in again. In the meantime, the team ranked 21 has 3 players working hard, so they pass you. You now rank 21 and dropped a point, even though you are producing as fast as you can. When another of your team logs in, their score changes to the actual score. 
Suggestion to Kiwi: When someone forms a team, add a screen to name their team. Then add a tab that lists the teams showing the team name and it's rank for the current challenge. The team's challenge score could also be listed.
@ Marrtian, I think it's because it's a TEAM challenge. The only way to stop having the nonproducing member in your team is to have your team inviter remove them from their neighbor list.
I don't mind having a sleeper on the team or having low producing members as we've all got to start somewhere and we can't all afford to spend real money to produce big numbers,  but kiwi could perhaps add what we individually made to our score. Eg team ranking score this week is 5485 then add 150 that I personally made therefore making my score 5635 and a team mate that made 5 would have team score of 5485 +5 = 5490. So the individual ranking would now be more reflective of their effort
Well personally I think it stinks.  I had a solid active team and because of the team invites one of our team mates did not to this team challenge with us which was bad because he and I were the top to producers of our team and I couldn't log in for two days.
I am wondering when we get our team challenge rewards. I was the only one on my team for this last challenge and I haven't seen it yet.
Shawn, the spirit boost should have started as soon as the challenge ended. 
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