I sent an e-mail with an attached screen shot because I am completely confused

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on scoring team challenge  does this make sense?
player 1  score 5768 created 155
player 2 score 5756 created 80
player 3 score 5768 created 160
so once again HOW does the scoring work on the team challenges???  
Here is how my team scoring went:
Player 1 score 6911 created 318
Player 2 score 6,920 created 5
Player 3 score 6,911 created 426
My score 6,911 created 424
So our whole team is at Surgeon which doesn't seem right because how can someone who only creates 5 be at surgeon level?  At this scoring, it pays off to be a sleeper.  I worked my but off the first day of the challenge and then didn't put much into it after that because my shield points kept going down.  
Kiwi, again HOW does the scoring work on team challenges and how is the supposed to be fun?
ok explain how we finished at the following
player 1 score 5768  created 177
player 2 score 5768 created 90
player 3 score 5768 created 170 
as you can see the player who made the fewest ended up with the exact same points as the player who made the most  and we are all at gunner player # 856 with identical scores   come on kiwi thought computers could do math better either we are all in it as a TEAM or We are BOTH like it was my understanding that you had a personal score and a team score  NOT  that the team score WAS you personal score 
Under review
Hi Karen,

This mismatching of points with team members is because the scores did not get updated. Once the player relaunches the game, the points will be same for all team members.
If you would read the post this is not my issue.  My issue is this:  I harvested 414 player 2 harvested 426 player 3 harvested 318 and player four harvested 5.  My issues is that me and player 2 harvested over 400 but our score is 6911.  When player 4 logs on their score will be 6911 like ours.  How is this fair?  At this scoring system it pays to not craft at all because the rest of your team will do it for you.  Or what is the point of having a team when you can do better by yourself.  I could have harvested triple of 414 I just didn't because player 4 kept bringing my score down.  Your scoring system makes it where nobody wants to be on a team.  Read the POST!  It is not right that the other team members harvest over 400 and yet their score is lower because of 1 team member.
In a nutshell, you get rewarded what you contributed. If you contributed 50% your reward should equal 50%, if you put in 10% your reward will be the same 10%, and for all our sleepers 0% contribution = 0% reward.
Right Karen?
I've already put this across to our Product Team about scoring and they'll be reviewing it further.

Since this is a Team Challenge, we expect everyone to actively participate in the challenge to be fair. Also, to have the right members in a Team.
ok so these are JUST team challenges and NOT individual challenges?  and we get the "prizes " as a TEAM?  not as an individual correct because that is what it looks like 
and  there are still issues with over sensitive invite buttons and yes I updated the game 
Hi RTS he reason your getting so many thumbs down is we have heardit all before and nothing changing ix one problem and next week we get a new one  
Hi Cvanlin - Our product team is working on coming up with individual performance recognition for Team Challenges. This will be available in near future. 

We've heard all your suggestions about this and this is why our product team have been working on it.
hopefully this will be fixed prior to this  weekends challenge?  or since this has been an ongoing issue/ request by lots of us it will go retro to the beginning of the harvest season challenge once it IS in place???   
Do you have an idea of when your product team is going to come up with a individual performance?  I am not going to be happy if my score lowers because something didn't get updated and I wind up on a team that is not my team and one person is inactive to where my scores lowers drastically.  
And sorry rts will put in a like when the new invite screen as been tested 
The invite option is already fixed and available in our new version - 2.7.1

About the rewards for individual performers, we are currently on it and should be implemented in our future releases. 

For now, ensure to get the right members you wish to in your team to stay top in the Ranks.
easier said then done on the team members 1 of mine completely Quit Shipwrecked over all of this and so that leaves us down 1 from jump and finding other players not on a team already  and that produce  is NOT as easy as you seem to think 
I know how you feel C - We lost one team member as well so we are also looking for one person not on a team that produces and discusses strategy.  Much easier said than done.