sword sale!!! NOT

Sally Stickler Seidel 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated 4 years ago 7
I would love to get swords with the sword sale going on now but I am still having a problem with the android market insisting I already own them. I have been reporting this problem for what 7 months now.  I understand you have lots of players with problems a d I do like your up grade and love the game. I have invested so much money into this and do not want to quit playing.  Your emails continually say issue resolved. But it never has been resolved. please help before the sale ends!!!!!
I would love to explore the jungle whoops I need swords to do that!
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Sorry for the hassle. Rest assured I'll have your issue investigated further and resolve at the earliest. 
Sally, can you private message me your Device IMEI number?
I do not play on the mobile phone but on my nook hd. As it showes in most of the e mails I have sent you. So I don't think I have an IMEI number
Hi Sally, 

The issue with purchase on nook device has been fixed. Please do check and revert back if the issue persists or occurs again. 

Nope not fixed. Delegated data cleaned cashe turned off   Re started and I got the above again I need swords. I think you could just send me some until you get this fixed.  I get so excited every time you tell me it's fixed only to get pissed off again when it isn't
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After the last cleared data this is what I get
Little green boxes for buildings etc
Are you evrr going to fix this.  You have it markrd as fixed but it is not.   Send swords or fix