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Can anyone tell me why my shield points are going down.  My 3 team mates are apparently not active today but there points are going up.  I've made more than double their starfish stations but have less points than them.
I think I've worked out how the points system works.  Look at what rank your team is. Then look at the banner for the range your team position is in.  This will tell you how many shield points you get. So for instance if your team ranking is between 101-500 then you get 6000 shield points minus your team ranking.  So if your team is ranked 150 then the points you get will be 5850 (6000 minus 150).  These points are then added to your previous weeks points which then gives you an individual placing eg. midshipman ranking is 401-600
I understand this a new system and Kiwi is still debugging it. I hope that they also add individual scores into the total so players who are, like you, Marrtian, carrying your team, will still have incentive to do your best, and to continue joining a team.
Like the challenge ranking 1 to 10 can be up to 40 players or it slides accordingly if you are on the same value there can be 5 on 9 then the next number used would be 14
Interesting... I clicked on the bar on the first trophy screen and was able to see other rankings besides the one I'm on. If the max possible score last week was 9999 like this week, no one should have over 19998 points, yet three players do. 
I always do the best on my team. The more I do the more my teammates move up,not me. I have had teammates that do nothing and their points are just as high as me and I moving back. Its a 30 day challenge and I do twice or more than a teammate but my score barely changes and theirs are close to mine. We chat. I did 3 times more last challenge. It makes no sense

Im angry! I too work my butt off and the other team members ride on my work. I think they should change this.

I have over 400 starfish.  My closest teammate 8.  Their score is less than 50 points below mine and sometimes theirs goes higher than mine.  I thought (I guess that's the problem) the individual would get a bonus on how much they help the team.  Not get rewarded again for sleeping
I'm frustrated as well! I've made 135 starfish and a teammate has made 9 but their score is higher than mine. How does that make sense!?! 
I'm hoping that when the challenge finishes all the scores will be sorted or I feel a deluge of emails heading towards kiwi
Im w u guys. Its crazy they get awarded and even crazier that my scores go down cuz no team participation. Maybe we can all be on a team. 
My kiwi id is kailine. I always score high but my teammates dont and my scores suffer
Hi Tammy.  I have the same problem, I just sent you a neighbor invite so we can team up on the next challenge.  My kiwi I'd is LisaHenning.
My team mates are actually doing better than I thought as I've discovered my app wasn't updating their making scores so when I switched off and signed back in they suddenly caught me up
Started starfish challenge with 11,936 points. End of challenge message says another 6,969 points won.  still showing the original 11+K.  We are getting the extra spirit already so should have points as well.  Still confusing to me. We ended around 34th place so know we should get points.
I'm having the same problem. I scored around 150 starfish aquariums and my shield score is 1334 while others on my team who scored less are like 5677 shield points. How is this possible!!!
I noticed today that some shield points have changed and rankings are altered.  I believe it is because kiwi are resorting everyone's score as some of us played in the rock challenge but didn't have the seaside season screen, so our points for that challenge need to be added.  My theory is that everyone will be reset to the score they got in the rock challenge and then they can add back in the score for the star fish challenge, at least I hope that's the case
Hi m no i was in 1st TC with new screen 1tc was 11th 2nd tc was 2nd place but now I'm 344 been up and down that many times feeling seasick but do believe kiwi will sort it all out in the end so i just keep popping the pills and hope the end is not to far away just realized name change magnat 
Ginger is very good for sea sickness lol
My theory is that, this being a new system, Kiwi is still working out the details and bugs. I am sure it will be all sorted out soon.
I've been e-maling kiwi about points problems since sept 26th. They responded today Oct 1st by letting me know they will be on Holidays until Oct 6th and they will look into it then.
  • hi M was thinking i was over the sea sickness when the team got to no1 but then went down to 3 so may need the ginger yet 
What holiday? Where is Kiwi located? 
Hi Sweet! I think the person who announced it is English lol. Means vacation there
I know holiday & vacation is the same thing. Just wondering why there closed this time of year. Why would the whole company be on holiday at the same time? Do we give them plenty of headaches? Lol
Could be Australian.  Kiwi makes me think Australia for some reason.

Kiwi is the name of a bird in Australia & New Zealand.  People are also referred as Kiwi also.
Hi sr ho boy don't we but no more than they deserve good luck 
One post months ago seamed to think Muslim but i haven't got a clue 
I looked up Kiwi... Located in Palo Alto, California in the United States. Another office in Bangalore, India. 
Fingers crossed, maybe they're getting new equipment so everyone is off til it's installed. That would be great!
See post i put in warning to kiwi
Ok the first challenge of the new season  has just ended. Three of our team have same shield points, one has more. According to the explanation we should all be the same. Please advise. 
your 4th team member will have the same points the next time they log onto the game
Why is points allocated from the rocks challenge so much less than the latest challenge if you did well then you are rewarded less!!!!

I think we should be rewarded on our own merit as well as helping our team. For those who do nothing and ride on others work, they should not gain the reward for accomplishments they didn't earn! They actually held my team back.