team chat stopped working during Guppies TC

Jan 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Mary Jones 4 years ago 5
Our team chat stopped working just a little while ago. The chat button went clear and blended into color surrounding it! So we can't chat! This is Wrong!!!! Anyone else having this problem in Guppies Galore TC?
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I haven't been able to chat with my team in any challenge including guppies! It's frustrating! I can type numbers and some symbols, but not letters? 
Very Strange! You should report to kiwi! The more thumbs up with a issue the quicker Kiw will work on bugs! My TC chat started again! Good luck!!
Everyone on my team has chat. Only one person had trouble with chat not working.

Not happening to everyone seems be only a select group. But do report it to support.
Hello all,
Have you updated the game to it's latest version? If so, you Will be able to chat in TC. 
I have updated to the latest version but have not been able to chat since last night, although I tried several times this morning before guppies galore ended. When I try to type a message, it doesn't register, even though the letter I type flashes. I have even tried sending but it doesn't work.