Looking for Team-mates for challenges

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Hello everyone

I am looking for 1-2 friendly people to participate in the team challenges over the weekends. I am looking for people who want to really participate in the challenges without taking it "too" seriously at the same time. We all have different strenghts and usually feel fine about finishing in the top 50 unless a paticular challenge lets us go for the top 10.

I am looking for active players who can communicate on chat about what the teams goals for the week is, strategies, when to push it and when to settle for a scoregroup etc

Bottom line is, the most important thing is that you are a friendly person that likes to play the game and challenges, and someone that will show up each week (or let the team know in advance that they can't)

PM me on here or send a neighbour request to "Aylasita" if interested !
Update: Thank you for the responses. Team is full this weekend. will sort out teams for long term in the next week :)
Thank you anyway! I tried too late!
Please keep me in mind for team.  I'm getting tired of random team members that either don't participate or barely do!  Thanks!
Lisa, I sent you a neighbor request . I participate in everyone but don't have the resources to be in the top, but we try our best. 
Hi I participate as well
I am looking for a 4th member for my regular team. We are levels 112, 151, and 123. Please post in replies your kiwi id or email AND your level. Or invite me as neighbor, Avarogue, but please be level 100 or > . Thanks

My fiancé needs a team. He's level 111. We usually do a team together, but... It's a long story. lol. Let me know if you're interested and I'll have him send you a neighbor request.
Looking for team  always in top 100 i am at level 128 no sleepers just want someone willing to do there best homersville
Hi sb and kg will send you both neighbours invite  i am level 202 and need one more TM if you except  we can both decided if we want to take it to the next level with Tc but most  important and essential is trust don't  want someone  who is going to bring  a cocoko with them been there got the t shirt 👚 so if you're trustworthy  and willing to put in time we need you 
Some brave person  not like my post then 
Not sure why anyone would... Unless it was the person who had previously brought a Cuckoo with them. lol.
  • Hi Sb sounds like it if so i hope they appreciate cocokos as much when they get a regular team and one or More Of  there team mates are locked out as you know it's  hard enough getting a good team  together  
Plesse tell me if I'm wrong, Magnat: 🌹
Imagine you start a team and you are two so far....then you change your mind ...abandon  your own team - and accept the invitation of another teamfounder.
Does that mean it's not only you who accepts..... but your former teammate is with you, if she/he wants or not? 🔒 

This can cause lots of confusion - or befuddlement.... (i found this in dictionary...sounds funny) 📝
Hi bee sounds a bit like what happened  with us a month or two ✌ ago we had 3 regular team mates and one that popped  in and out now and then so sent out the 3 invites but before one of the regular TM joined the one that popped in and out excepted  bringing  a what I call a cocoko with her into the nest but will just add was not the cocoko  to blame  but the player  that  popped in and out it makes  it so you have to wait for all yoiur  team to get in before sending out the last invite  and some TM are working  so can't  just be there at the drop of a hat 🎩 so that's  why I put in about trust and cocokos  as with  a player  you cannot  trust next week you can end up on a completely new Team so yes like now this week we have a team of ✌ 2 if I was to say except  an invite from???  When my team mates had already  joined me then my TM would join me whether she wanted  to or not that's why still two on are team get lots of invites  but need to know how many slots open  if only one slot means I leave  my team mate on her own i did that in the early days before we knew  the outcome  and still feel guilty  about it today hope this helps you get to understand a bit more what happened with your team good 🍀 luck
Bee u talking bout r wb thingy thst happened several.weeks ago.... ?????
Hello Miss! 🌺
I was not talking about our teammate who left our TC team after visiting my Canyon (low-leveled) .
Magnat was talking about a neighbor who accepted invitation ....and brought a teammate with her and occupied the place for the steady member.
How are you doing, Jennifer?! 🌈
I hope you have nice people around to comfort you! 
A big huge from Beeflower 🐝
Hi bee! Oh I see.... 
I feel for u Magnat... thats sticky situation indeed... 
I'm ok. Today is hard. I have bf with me today.
Cousins around the globe. Heard from a few, that was really nice... it has helped.... I made r xmas breakfast today. The egg dish (which is on my nono food list) but not the cinnamon rolls. May do those for new years and that breakfast dish. My sister did the same thing at her house, lol!!!!!!
Thanks for the support from all of u... uve all kept me going, u don't even know!!!!hugs
Hi JLC I think  sometimes  we get lost in the game and forget that live has it's way of throwing  things  at us that are way beyond are control  or anybody else for that matter so hopefully  the new year will improve things for you 
Hey mag, check your email please.
Hi got it kb sent you one back it's  just one of those  things both are teams will get sorted out before long thanks 
Thanks magnat. Yes so true... we were really not ready to lose dad... but it was his time... cheers for a better n brighter new year indeed.... for not just me, all of us indeed.... 
Hi JLC I know you maynot think it at the moment and probably  sick of earing it but it does get easier 
Thanks magnat.......still feeling numb....
Hi, looking for a 4th, one of our regulars decided they were done with the game. We don't go super hard core but typically within the top 100, usually in the top 30-50 range (except for the energy challenges! Can't seem to break 100 then) anyone looking for a good laid back team that won't stress if we don't hit a certain level let me know. Username is CarynE  :)
I need a team I work hard but don't stress. Problem is I started a team (I am the only one do far). You would have to invite me I think. I am Asdfqwerty. Let's friend if you still need someone.
Hey, i just added you yesterday and you accepted me as neighbor.

Im searching for a solid and cool team to join, im playing only for a few weeks and been very dedicated, leelling fast and been trying on those events carrying team on my own and pulling up big numbers but ranking 300-500 as im carrying all >.>

If you got spot for me next time, that would be a pleasure ;)
Does anyone need another player? I am asdfqwerty.
Hi Kaligin. I have sent a neighbour request.  We are looking for one more player!
Just woke up and accepted request. Thank you! Now can you invite me to be on your team? dI am concerned whether it will show up.
Have sent the invite. . Hope it shows up!
I don't see it. I am going to get out and get back in to see if it shows up , then I will invite you to see if that works So you may have to invite me again if you don't mind. Will let you know what happens.
Yay!!! It worked! That was a close one. Thanks again :-)
Hi Aeon, sorry I had someone else send a request that filled the team, but I did get your neighbor request and accepted. Kaligan I do have neighbor slots open so will send a request. We may try the same 4 some again next week but if not I will certainly send you both requests :)
Hey ;)

I saw you accepted yeah, and no problem, i'll try to do my best with my actual neighbors who are ust playing a little until i find a team that plays according to my own dedication ^^

I do 90% of the entire team job again since yesterday and we are top 200 ..., i'm ok to carry the team if i feel the others can do it sometimes too, but it just doesnt happen so ... cant wait to find more active people to work with ;)
Hi everyone. I'm at level mid 29-30, 4 pirates. Looking for a really active team for upcoming challenges. I'm not rich :) but I can be very active, like every 15min. I would do my best in energy challenges, only free upgrades of course. Last challenge christmas cookies I made 52millions +. For this christmas carols I think I'd finish with 300 carols. My current team is now top 300 but I don't see they all really try their best though. If your team short 1 active member please invite me. My ID is trunglk. Thanks!
Hey, i add you asap and we can try together for next challenge to see how it goes :)
Hi everyone,
I'm looking for new neighbours to form a team with for the upcoming team challenges.
I'm level 112 and always put lots of effort in the team challenges but I don't pay for any upgrades.
If you want to form a team or have team with a slot open please add me, my Kiwi ID is Nanneke
Hi nanneke.

ive got a slot open for a 4th player.  We are hard working.  Ill request you as a neighbour first.  My email is andrew.haighton22@gmail.com.

send me your email and lets get started.

my group is level 115 to 133, and we do challenges each weekend.
Hi Rockhound,
I've accepted your neighbour request and am looking forward to working with you!
Hi nanneke.  I will invite you and the other members of our group on friday morning early.  Accept the invite and we will talk further.  I collect theemails of the group so if kiwi messenger has any problems, we can still communicate.  One week we got separated, and didnt have the emails set up, so it was very difficult.

if you can send me an email, shown on my initial post, ill get things set up with the rest of the team.

looking forward to working with you as well.
I'm looking for a team that work their hearts on team challenges. I'm currently in the team of Smoothbaby and her fiancé, normally top 80 to 100 but I feel they don't work with their hearts. I play this game totally free, no sword boosting, but I usually give everything I've got. For finding pattern challenges I often archive more than 6000 points. This week crafting tokens I scored 681. My weak point is sword boosting, just get the most out of free added boosts, not multiplied boosts. So if your hard working team has a blank space :) please sign me in. Thank you!
My ID is trunglk, email tk2cpt@gmail.com
Level: 54, swords: 1, gold: 23, pirates: 5, Generators: all but Steel Foundry
hi,m looking for members who plays actively and also communicates in tc.have recently deleted all my clumsy neighbours.random playing hurts when you alone play most of the time.currently at level 54.i cannot promise to be in top 50 positions,but i work my heart on every tc.my kiwi id is nabanitaandpal
Hi Corrosive,  my team is looking for another member. My kiwi ID is Tam296. If you are interested send me a neighbor request.
Hi,tam296. Was looking forward for last week tc. Have sent invite also.what happened? Any problem 
Hi, if your looking for a team to join this week add emmaw1985. :-)
Hi corrosive i have to hold my hands up as far  as I know there is no problem with you it was my fault in usually wait till 6am and join if team short but pressed far to early not thinking about the consequences till to late won't. Happened again so sorry 🙏 
Ok. If you want for next tc,dan Plz send invitation, otherwise if I send and if not accepted dan I can't even join randomly. 
C we are looking for new teammates if this doesn't work out! I sent you a neighbor invite! Don't care about your level, we care about how hard you work on team challenges! We placed in top 50 with 2 of us pushing & 1 that just kinda wandered in & out, working last tc!
Hi. We are looking for 1 last person for our team this week. We are a strong team and love the challenges, add emmaw1985 if you interested and try your best. Thanks.
We're looking for a 4th teammate. Lost our longtime player to game issues. So if your interested in joining a strong team that plays to have fun (we are typically top 100 but don't freak out if not) send me a game invite. Username same as here. :)