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My anger is built up need to blow some steam. I know exactly what to do to help ease my anger, I've read the tips/advice to gain pickaxes. Play game every day increases daily bonus spins, level up, take advantage of tapjoy. (Refuse to support that option)
   My personal opinion on gaining pickaxes is to level up. I'm on level 19. Although you might get 1 or 2 after each lvl. Highest I've earned was 4 that was on 18?.. 19 I received 1 again. Daily bonus I figure odds are against you landing on pick axe even after you trigger the max 5 spins. I've purchased axes ONLY to get much needed space. You want to finish objectives? "goodluck"  when you do get those 1 or 2 axes and go to finish a goal it leads to failure, the mine or canyon leaves you with nothing but an empty space... don't get me wrong you'll find what your looking for eventually, not all but half the time that something requires what? Yup another pickaxe... 
okay ok steams out.. that's all I wanted do, feel better now.  

why is it so hard to gain resources??

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I can't get passed level 10, goals ask for to much valuable items axes, silver etc.. I understand it takes time to complete tasks, but it's irritating when you don't get reasonable amount of resources after leveling up I'm not trying to fill out surveys and don't have cash to spend. Would be to find axes, gold, more silver when removing debris. 
Admin-Anna 1 year ago

yes, you can collect 3 axes from the debris in the game.



Monica Sandoval 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Michelle Gordon-Krohling 4 years ago 1
When will you add new decor, business, etc to Westbound? 

Where did the desert shrubs go? Mine disappeared about a week ago.....haven't seen any since. Plenty of tumbleweeds, rocks, sand pockets and oil puddles.

Rick 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated 3 years ago 4
Desert shrubs have stopped appearing. ...I need them for wood!

Why so many advertisements?

Pamela Smelser 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Admin-Anna 1 year ago 9

Why is there so many advertisments?


too many axes needed to play

Jacquie VanSlyke 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Mama King 2 years ago 6
I love this game but can't  afford to buy  axes to play the game and then  lose the challenges. I have all these unfinished buildings on my land.

Pop up Advertising

Tom Sandidge 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated by anonymous 3 years ago 10

I knew this was coming and said so 3 months ago in a post entitled "Coming Soon". It said this, in part: "If you go to rockyou.com, you will see that they are absolutely not interested supporting this game for anything but future advertisers. The company makes its money by buying games and selling ads within the game platform. I would think all of their creative energy goes towards creating and optimizing ads for this game and NOT for fixing the bugs, so we are all pretty much left on our own with our issues.... I have said it before and will say it again: everyone needs to stop spending money on this game. Rockyou only wants to sell ads, not make the game better for its users. Many players on their other game forums are in the same boat we are all in now, and they say it only gets worse when the ads bombard their gameplay. "


Team Challenge Crops

Smoothbaby17 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated 4 years ago 3
Is it just me, or is it a bit RIDICULOUS that we can only plant 4-5 crops each time for the challenges, and whatever we're crafting, takes 18 of the crop??? That means, it takes 4 times of planting 5 crops of whatever to get the number needed to craft the item needed for the TC. After that, it still takes 4 times. After that, it will take 3 times. AFTER THAT, you're back to FOUR TIMES for a couple more times!!! It is sooooo time consuming!!! And if you don't want it to be time consuming, it's expensive (tonic-wise) to speed up. So unless you've got a ton of tonic on-hand or plenty of $$$ to buy the tonic to speed up these crops that are taking an hour to harvest, you're wasting your time trying to get into the top ranks... And all for what, a (tonic) bonus, this time, that will double your tonic, if you're lucky enough to get into the top 100 that is. And even that isn't great, because most of the regular houses only give out a small amount of tonic each time you harvest them. So then, the only real way to get a good stock of tonic is to purchase Premium Houses (ones bought with gold)... Which is also hard to come by unless you use your real $$$ to buy.

My question is, why can we only plant 4 or 5 crops when we need 18??
On Shipwrecked, typically you can plant 10 of something, and guess what??? You (typically) only need TEN of that item to craft whatever you need for the TC. Now that is more fair!

Thumbs up if you agree that the number of crops planted should be increased and the amount needed should be decreased!!!

Because, in my honest opinion, I was looking forward to doing challenges on Westbound... I said months ago when they started on Shipwrecked, that they needed to do them on Westbound too. But now that I see how time consuming or tonic-expensive they are, it's just not as much fun as I thought they'd be...

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind using tonic to do better... But not when it takes so long to acquire a decent amount needed to do well in each challenge... It's just time consuming and that's not enjoyable/fun. I know most of you will say, "Well if you're not having fun, just quit playing in the challenges!" Honestly, after only 4 challenges, I'm considering it.

crossing the mountain

Michele 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated by anonymous 3 years ago 4
I'm past level 210. I still get told-I CANNOT CROSS THE MOUNTAIN yet!
Will i ever be able to open the land over there?
Or, is there something needed that'll allow me to get into the mountain?