7/27/2015 - Visit your Neighbors Daily for more rewards!

Zieu 3 years ago • updated by Patricia Karbs 3 years ago 1
Hello Pioneers!

Visit your Neighbors daily and click on the Gift Boxes for more rewards! You can receive Coins, Cheer, and more!

Like and Share on the Fan Page to remind your fellow Pioneers!

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Team Challenge: Cherry Pie

Admin-Anna 2 years ago 0

Hi Pioneers,

Welcome back to our next Team Challenge-Cherry Pie!

Team Formation Start Time

6:00 AM EST

August 5, 2016

Team Challenge Start Time

10:00 AM EST

August 6, 2016

Team Challenge End Time

12:00 PM EST

August 8, 2016

Team Challenge Name: Cherry Pie

Team Challenge Description: Bake as many cherry pies as possible!

Team Challenge Action: Collect Cherry Pies

Title Details By Rank:


Rating Points


1 - 3


+500% Tonic

4 - 10


+300% Tonic

11 - 100


+125% Tonic

101 - 500


+60% Tonic

501 - 1500


+30% Tonic

Title Duration: 7 days

Good luck everyone and Happy Weekend!




Team Challenge - Teaser!

Zieu 3 years ago • updated by Mary Looser 3 years ago 4
Hi All,

The much awaited and exciting "Team Challenge" is almost ready and will go Live very soon!

Team Challenges are a fun way to compete with your friends and earn rewards! 

- Choose 3 neighbors each week during the Challenge, form a team, and earn boosts by outperforming other teams. The boosts rewards will last for 7 days:)
- Before the actual Challenge starts, you'll have time to form your Team. Be wise to choose the right neighbors you wish to form your team
- The team can strategize using the Team Chat feature
- Each Season consists of a set of challenges. Participate in challenges every week, earn rating points (trophies), and win exciting rewards at the end of Season!

You can check in game by tapping on trophies icon at bottom right corner of the screen for more details on Team Challenge, rewards and how scores are calculated. We'll be posting FAQ's once the Team Challenge starts!

For now, here's a sneak peek preview on the Team Challenge!! 

Will update once the Team Challenge goes Live in game!!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you,