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48 hours, still can't log in

Sarah Gissel-Hafer 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by tigger4u 4 years ago 10
So i guess I'll post here every day until you guys key me back into my game. I've sent 3 emails,  no reply,  I've posted the tones on the boards, nothing. I have lay so much in resources,   because YOUR team isn't making the right updates. Thank you for stealing my tonic,  coins,  gold, acorns, everything. This is CRAZY
hi sarah this may sound silly but try turning up ur sound while loading good luck
go into a diffrent game turn up back out turn off ur device and try again
and no....  these are just awesome helpful guesses..  i've already rebooted, removed game, re-installed.  deleted cache, deleted all cache for the entire phone.  stopped the game, rebooted the internet, router and modem, tried it via 4g.  and IT STILL WONT LOAD!!!!!!
carson must be tinkering with the servers again... Please give us a few minutes and try again... FOR MORE THEN 48 BLOODY HOURS!!!!
wow im sorry i feel ur pain did u try calling google here is the number 1-855-836-3987
what could they do?  all my other games run just fine.  even other kiwi games!
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Hi Sarah,

Please email Support team at support-wt@kiwiup.com and will ensure your issue will be looked into further and resolved at the earliest.
Sarah..go to kiwiup/freshdesk and open a ticket. They actually respond and look into your problem instead of telling you to email support. Just make sure in your initial description that you tell them you've emailed support and your not doing it again! Good luck, unfortunately you may need it, they never did fix 3 of my games after 2 months and I ended up deleting them and asking Amazon for a refund of all the resources I bought.