Visiting Neighbors suggestion

Lionsram 4 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Billie 3 years ago 3
First, let me say that I'm still having issues (freezes, kicks me out or just very slow loading) every time while trying to visit my Neighbors (every 12 hours). And I've noticed, the bigger the Neighbors Canyon, the more likely I am to have issues! So...

It would be helpful if the Next Arrow would advance you to the next "unvisited" (in the last 12 hours)Canyon, instead of the next one in line. (As now, we have to scroll over to the one we needed next). FYI - As I am sure you know, When you go out and come back to a Neighbor other than Ruby, when you hit the Next Arrow, it goes back to Ruby... and then advances to the next one in line after her... and so on!

If not that, (or maybe also) a check mark (somewhere on the List of Neighbor page) to show that Neighbor was visited (12 hours has not elapsed) to help us find where we left off.

Thank you for listening!
I absolutely agree with you. I have the same problem (mostly between the same two neighbors). So I complained several times, tried their suggestions to fix it, all to no avail. I even installed an app (Clean Master) and run it before I even go into the game. When the game crashes, I run it again before I go back into the gsme. It never works though. The game still crashes at the same neighbors. And it is a pain in the butt to have to go to one neighbor, homeagain, the next one, home agsin, etc.
It seems clear rockyou is ignoring everyone's posts!
Thank you... Gave you a thumbs up!
I have given up visiting some neighbors as my game always crashes when I try visiting. Your right they are the bigger canyons.