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I need to get like 36 antidote, but the game will only let me get  up to 25. Can't complete the San Francisco quest. 
I'm having a similar issue with Snow Shovels. Inventory only allows for 25, but I need 30.

Hi All,

We are aware of the issue with Santa Fe quest collectables with inventory limiting them. Our developers are currently looking into this and will be fixed ASAP.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Hi all, 

The issue with Santa Fe quest collectables is now fixed.

Why cant i advance past San Francisco?I've completed it like 9 times all differant routes also.It just wont let me get to Boise.Am i doing something wrong? Please help...
Hardracer, they won't read a thread that says "fixed" and I don't know the answer, sorry :-( I suggest you re-write your post in a new thread