Who wants a laid-back team?

Michelle Gordon-Krohling 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Lionsram 4 years ago 9
I'm pretty busy, even on the weekends. I'd like to play the challenge, but I can't put in a lot of time. Does anyone else want to play a laid-back team that won't expect to win big prizes? Maybe someone who works weekends or is getting ready for Thanksgiving?
Yeah, I would.  I have a lot going on but try to get in. I would feel bad holding someone back. I only managed 93 acorns.

If you'll have me that would be great.
I ended up in someone else's team, and it may have filled up. One person is not for sure. I'll let you know what happens. 
The not for sure person committed, and since we had extended that offer before, the spot is his. Sorry.
Keep me in mind if someone drops.
Iwould like ateamperiod...lol Only one otherperson played. How do I getnew team members.AndI would prsfer a laid back team too.Thanks!
Please add me, Bstrohl.
Barb, Shola, maybe you two could discuss a team? 

If that doesn't work out, I'll keep you in mind, but I would rather see you have a sure thing.