Little things but BIG help

Motherdementia Bowring 4 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Jennifer 4 years ago 2
Please Kiwi do these things...bring back the wheel but with more chances at picks, increase our inventory so we can store unused comp buildings, turn off ex comp items, such as acorn trees, so we can just have them as decoration instead of accidentaly clicking and wasting time for nothing (or be able to sell unwanted/needed inventory). Let us be able to swap our christmas themed buildings and decorations from Carson city to Santa land. I would love to landscape properly as thats why I play this game. Also some terrain tile additions may be nice so we can landscape our cities properly. Things like lakes, more trees, more plants, grasses and hills? I think there also needs to be a notefication, on +friends that shows last login and game play regularity for players. Maybe a traffic light system so we dont add players that have stopped playing. I like to participate In non expensive tourneys 《add me  Niluindil》and chat to players..helping should be available to all. Requests for help to speed up actions or building etc.
I love the idea of showing when players were last on. It could be kind of exact or it could be ranges. You know, "in the last day," "in the last week," that sort of thing. It is sooo much work right now for players to keep track of which of their neighbors are still active. We have to clean them out or we can't make room for active neighbors. Also, when sending requests, it's important to know who is likely to fill the requests! 

I try to keep track of a specific list of players for the benefit of Westbound Wiki, and I have a little advice section on it on our Neighbors page, called "When and How to Remove Neighbors." 

Anyway, the other suggestions are good, too, but the wheel, while it isn't very generous, does show up. If you aren't getting yours, I suggest you visit this Troubleshooting section: Not Getting Daily Bonus Wheel

If you would like more neighbors, I invite you to visit this thread: Post here to be added to the neighbors list.
All very good ideas from the both of you! And thank you Michelle for sharing that information, I am sure that will help plenty of people struggling! 😁 

( I'm rather new to the forum but have been playing Kiwi games for a few years now... )